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    When the sun went down, I went a-grinding.

    When I was younger, I didn't understand what was meant by grinding, and I think I got the wrong impression, because I was certain it was illegal. But as my team and I entered the Battle Company of Castelia City, the word took on it's true meaning: I was working hard to make us stronger. When I thought we were finally ready, we entered Castelia Gym.

    Burgh was waiting for me, and the battle we had was fierce. More than once, I thought I was done for by my Pokémon were there for me, and they fought well. It was a struggle to reach the end, and when we finally prevailed, I have to admit, my jaw dropped. It dropped even further when, as Burgh was handing me the badge, my dear Pidove, Fawke, began to glow - he was evolving! The light cleared and he had grown bigger and more colourful; a Tranquill!

    As we were leaving the city to head on to Nimbasa, Bianca called me on the Xtranceiver and asked for a battle. I met up at the entrance to route 4 and we had a battle, which I won, but Bianca wasn't upset because she felt she was learning about Pokémon.

    I went out onto route 4 - and nearly choked. It was covered in sand which a heavy wind had whipped into a sandstorm! It was all in my eyes and nose and mouth, and it was hard to walk in. I had to put a scarf over my lower face and squint as closely as possible, which was probably why I didn't see Cheren until he was asking me what was wrong. And then, of all things, he challenged me to a battle! Of course, I won, but it was only due to type match-ups - he let me have the advantage of picking second so I could always out-type him.

    I fought long and hard through the sandstorm, occasionally stopping for battles or to shelter in alcoves and behind girders - there was some kind of construction work going on. When I got to Nambisa City, surprise surprise, Team Plasma were causing trouble. I beat one of the goons off and the man they had been attacking gave me a bike for my trouble - people are really generous around here. o__o

    The two goons ran into the fairground, but I had to go to the Pokémon Center before I could chase them. Then, I ran into Bianca who showed me to the Pokémon Musical. I tried telling her I had somewhere I had to be, but she insisted, and then, when we got there, decided it wasn't for her and ran off again. What the Mew, Bianca?! When I peeked outside, I saw why she had freaked out. Her father had showed up out of the blue and was threatening to send her home. I tried to get past them - c'mon, guys, I have bad guys to catch - but Bianca roped me into things and tried to use me as defense against her stupid father. What the Mew, Bianca?!?!

    Of course, I can't go and run after the bad guys yet. Elesa of all people shows up and puts a stop to things. Elesa! A gym leader and world-famous model! And she doesn't care that the bad guys have probably been able to go twice around the ferris wheel and escape by now!

    I finally pull away and run into the fairground, Poké Balls ablaze, ready to kick Plasma butt, and N shows up.

    What bad guys?

    Me and N go on the Ferris Wheel together. ♥ It's a perfect date, the sun is setting in the background and the lights are coming on, and there's just me and N sat alone in a ferris compartment. Could this moment be any more perfect?

    "I'm the king of Team Plasma."


    We get off the Ferris Wheel. Moment's ruined. The goons show up but I got over them a while back. N confuses them with logic and we have a battle - mainly because I'm angry that he deceived me like that. Of course, I win, because my anger is my Pokémon's anger. Oh, and we're really really strong. N seems kind of upset too, but then he says something that makes my blood boil. He says he wants every trainer to release their Pokémon, and to make it happen, he's willing to become champion, and he wants me to be the one to try and stop him once he's gotten that far. And then N leaves with the Plasma goons... HIS Plasma Goons. D:<

    Well, I don't know whether to be angry about what he wants to do or flattered that he asked me to be his challenger. After all, that moment on the Ferris Wheel was sort of a date... ♥

    So, I'm grinding for the fourth gym after only narrowly defeating the third, with 9 hours on the clock and a total of 1 date with N.

    Key moments:
    Beating Burgh
    Fawke evolving into a Tranquill
    I consider using my water stone on my Panpour, but decide against it in the end
    Bianca is a wierdo. What the Mew, Bianca?!
    And finally, I have a date with N and he spoils the atmosphere by telling me he's the leader of my enemies. Ah, forbidden love...♥

    Currently resting at the Nimbasa Pokémon Center before a long day of grinding.

    ... Look at N. Look at him up ^ there and down v there. He's so pretty~♥

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