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    Originally Posted by Cabe View Post
    wow! this looks great! i really like this project. So awesome so far! And those animations are great! i would really like to help with the rest... i don't have ANY experience though, so everything i can do is support strongly with all my heart lol (or "jajaja" as we laugh in spanish xD).

    If the task is not that hard and you think i could help, just let me know and i'll do it. I'm really interested in approaching game developement and everything is a good begining.
    Its not really that difficult, the hardest part in my opinion is just seperating the base sprite into parts(so you don't have to edit every frame).

    I use gimp for them, which is free to download. I just seperate each frame into a layer, and when you're done, you can just save it as a gif. animation throught the program itself.

    Its worth noting that for me personally, it takes around a half an hour or more for each animation, just so you're aware.

    Demo coming August 20!