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    Hello there! I have a question which i really need to be answered. I repointed the pointer which points to the OWS-table to 0x00801000 and i copyed and pasted the old OWS-table to 0x00801000. Then i added a new pointer to that table pointing to 0x00802000 where i've added a copy of the hero-data. Now i open NSE and go to "View>Offset". I tried putting in various offsets because i didn't know which one it wanted me to give. I tried giving it the offset to where the pointer to the sprite-table was (the one i repointed to 0x00801000), i tried giving it the offset to the actuall spritetable, i tried giving it 0x0080125C which is the pointer in the spritetable which leads to 0x00802000 where i have the sprite-data. All this, but i couldn't get the texture to show up in NSE!! And when i activate "Advanced Mode" and go to the first default sprite (Hero) I see that under "Sprite Pointer: " It sais "$H35BB68". When i once again put in "80125C" at "View>Offset" I see that "Sprite Pointer: " is the value which is changing. So i go back to the default hero and check the "Sprite Pointer: " and ofc it shows "$H35BB68" So i go to my Hex Workshop and go to the offset "0035BB68" but it just leads me to a bucnh of zeros?!?!?! So which offset am i going to add to "View>Offset"? I mean, if the no. 1 sprite which is hero points to "35BB68" which is only a bunch of zero's, how can that offset possibly give the texture to the hero? And how am i supposed to find the "zero space" of my sprite?!