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    Gelius Prowers Icestorm - Chapter 1 - The Beast of the Seas

    Gelius simply picked Sceptile's Poke Ball, and threw it in the field, calling upon one of his partners, "Blader", which let out a roar. The Gyarados simply unleashed a Flamethrower, on which Gelius simply commanded for the Sceptile to evade, which it was a success. "Blader! Counter Back with a Dragon Pulse!" Gelius commanded. Blader unleashed a Pulse of Draconic energy, hitting the Gyarados. Gelius was used dealing with these Water/Flying Types, specially since he used to train in the Lake of Rage. The Gyarados took the Dragon Pulse, yet, it endured. The Gyarados resisted. Interesting...

    As the Gyarados unleashed devastating Hyper Beams, Blader used his speed to evade. "Alright. Change of plans Blader. Use your surroundings!" Gelius said. As soon as Blader heard this, he simply jumped back, latching on a nearby tree. Then on a nearby building. Then on the Lighthouse. He then landed on the roof, runs at high speeds towards Gyarados, and jumps up, charging up it's fist. "Thunder Punch!" Gelius said, as the Blader hits with a powerful strength on the Gyarados with it's fist, paralyzing the Water Serpent.

    As soon as Blader landed, it then jumped upwards, towards the same roof again, and once again speeds towards Gyarados. With a Leaf Blade, Blader Slashes through, latches on a tree, jumps of it, and finished the Gyarados with a Thunder Punch. Afterwards, a blistering light could be seen, and on the Serepent's place, a Black diamond. Gelius simply smirked. When a Pokemon is powerful but not too fast, Speed is essential, that's his strategy. He withdrew Blader, and, with Dusk next to his side, picked up the Waystone, and used, as both were Teleported.

    The Tale of "Lin Cross Amethyst Aerith" - Chapter 1 - "Light and Darkness are in Balance."

    Lin was fearing for a while. Oh no. Houndoom. And a Mega Evolved one. She had absolutely no counters for that... And the only Pokemon that resisted it was... Angel simply left it's Dive Ball on her own. Angel was a Sky Blue and Pink Chinchou. Lin sighed. "If it's our only shot..." She muttered under her breath. "Charge!" She said. Angel started to charge up it's electricity, while evading the Houndoom's Crunches. It was a rather dangerous Pokemon, and Lin knew that.

    Lin could do absolutely nothing due to her not having any Rock, Water or Ground type moves, and using Fighting Type Moves were also out of question. She had to improvise, and she decided that fully charging was good. But... Making a move was the problem. The Houndoom could see Angel wherever she could go. If she had to attack the Pokemon, it would have to stop it from seeing... Stop it from seeing... Blinding... She then realized.

    "Angel! Use Flash and Dazzling Gleam at the Same time!" Lin asked. As soon as she commanded, Angel used said combo, causing a blinding light to appear. Lin had closed hers, but since Houndoom hadn't, it was blinded, even dealing some damage. Now that it can't see for a good while, it was time to see what to do next... Wait a second. Angel had been using Charge for the whole fight. "Charge Beam!" Lin asked, and Angel did so, unleashing a powerful Charge Beam. After that, Houndoom fainted, and a blistering Light appeared. Then, on the Hound's place, was a black diamond. She picked it up after retrieving her own pokemon, and accidentally used it, being teleported away.
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