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    Sparth's eyes Narrowed as he watches the horizon and watches the dust kick up. "I came back to hijack the region." He turns his attention away from the horizon, and pulls out some rope, a tarp and some ground anchors as he walks over to the rock formations and drives the anchors into the rock formation. "As for the challenge, it's printed on the back of your right hand. Those without a right hand, it will be on your neck. Each day you survive and each battle your overcome, that number will get larger in terms of value. If you fought the black diamond before coming here, you should already have a number on there determined by your skill in that battle alone. If you bought or obtained your way here some other way, you might have a values slightly less than the others. We'll call them points for now, because they'll be the only number you need to worry about; the objective of the contest is to reach Grimor in the region, challenge him to mortal combat and defeat him."

    Sparth fashions a large make-shift tent with very tight ropes as he watches the horizon once more. "The points have two purposes, but the biggest purpose your gonna use them for is to get past the barriers to advance in the region and that's it. All the biomes from the desert to the mountains to Arcues knows what are walled off by Grimor's power and any shortcut to get past them is blocked. You exchange your points of survival for the right to pass them, once you get past them, you can walk by them on freely and re-enter an area as much as you want... NOW; I need everyone in the tent here... This Biome is know to have some pretty big sand storms; this palce is known as the Silitune Sands; mostly because the environment doesn't make a bloody sound. A rock cracking, wind, dust nothing makes noise from this area.... Which makes it deadly for both it's dangers that like to sneak up on us, especially ground pokemon that can tunnel right underneath us and take us all on without warning...... and the sandstorm I've been watching for over there." He points in the other direction, the calm horizon he was watching started forming dust clouds; the clouds growing larger and larger as they draw near, as if a wall of death was moving towards them. "Since your apart of my team now, I prefer to keep you ALL alive, to the best of my abilities."

    Orion: 3
    Sevish: 2
    Chebyl: 2
    Gelius: 3
    Lin: 3


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