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    Double Team - Chapter 2 / Part 4

    "Nice one, Lumineon. Not too shabby, Sparth."

    Still standing from atop the boulder, the velocity of scattered rubble are getting less tenser and sunlight started to hit the dunes, signifying that the sandstorm will subside soon. Bending her body a bit, she stared at the two reuniting their path together and surrounded by two identical Pokémon previously encountered minutes ago. They looked like they were in trouble so she decided to do the same act to lighten their work. When she ordered her Lumineon to use Water Pulse again and aim into at least one of them, the Neon Pokémon does with glee and indeed charged the attack.

    Before the attack can even commence, a tremor happened. She looked around for the source of such wave, almost losing footing from the sudden quake and had no idea if it's one of them. Still unaware of what comes, she decided to keep her legs stuck by holding her hands onto the heavy Boldore nicknamed Stonehenge in hopes to endure through such situation and identify it later. Her guess was correct, it was another of those gargantuan iron snakes and it suddenly appeared just below the boulder. The force is strong enough to actually move the boulder out from the underground, and they were tossed into the mid-air effortlessly. If there's anything to describe the situation they were in; they know that they're careless.

    "Bounce!" She cried out, the thrown off Lumineon executed the move and increased in speed immensely, gaping through the sandstorm and carried her into the soft sand, landing safely. Noticing that the Ore Pokémon is left out, she had to gave up the decision to rescue it out due to how heavy he was but surprisingly, Stonehenge instead brimmed in bright light and increased in size.

    "Could it be? Oh! ...I think, I get it now. How clever."
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    "My eyes and body hurts, and now pitted against 2 crazy Metal-Coat-Serperior. I should've not taken this route and instead become a graphic artist. But I think I should owe you for that one, Spark." He said, still looking a little blind as he got up from his weary legs. Sparth on the other side wants to correct him but was too busy to respond, implying that he's focused to take down the threat right now. He's not that confident with Pokémon battles, but to at least repay his debt he attempted to combat out the remaining Steelix with his Watch the Watchog. He slowly regained his sight as the sandstorm are getting more milder than ever.

    The Steelix stared at them with a taunting smile, raising its gigantic head and opened its mouth to unleash a Dragonbreath against the two.

    "Uh... Protect?" He exclaimed, the Lookout Pokémon does as he says, building up a wall that immediately diminishes the effect from the incoming projectile.

    "Right! Now use Crunch to..." Feeling a little ineffective with the given command, Watch used Flamethrower without following the consent from his trainer into the Iron Snake Pokémon, incinerating the metallic body with extreme heat gaping from the mouth of an universally capable Normal-Type Pokémon. It roared in pain, shaking violently the body parts on its polar and burrowed into the sands once more. The next hit can always target the others, if one would be unwary of his surroundings.

    "...Well I think that's effective if you do it by yourself. Maybe I can use this Pokémon that she gave to me recently. I choose you, something I don't know what it was!"

    Withdrawing a Poké Ball and throwing it upwards, a brown, humanoid Pokémon appeared from where it comes. With red boxing gloves, purple pad-armored torso and strangely a skirt, Sevish can only look in confusion as he doesn't really recognize such Pokémon to be able to help, especially if the triviality gets the better of him.

    "Uh...Boxing-guy! Find the strange metallic Pokémon to punch on like...this! Psshaw!" He ordered, performing light punches from the side comically and the new Pokémon stood on its battle stance, taking the order seriously to punch on any kind of Pokémon with metallic body. Not really care about how obedient the Pokémon is, he can only hope that he's okay.
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