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    Mello's thoughts abruptly cut short when a barrier knocked her backward with a whimper. A Human symbol appeared in thin air, one she'd seen before but not one she understood. Confused, she got back to her feet and eyed the symbol before it vanished entirely. Her instincts kicked in and she whipped her head around to see... Nothing but the sand she'd walked on to get here. While no sound came of it, she could see a distant sandstorm picking up. And oddly enough, a structure. A temple of sorts? Curiously, she turned around and headed back in that direction. I've got to find a way through the wall... Maybe this goes under it?

    Just as the storm had begun to bother her, she had finally made it inside the building. She carefully stepped down the staircase, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the pitch darkness. Curiously, she made her way to a pedestal holding an egg-shaped stone, lifting it carefully with her mind into her paws. She looked up at the mural it had rested in the center of. On one side, a big, scary looking Pokemon she'd never seen before; on the other side, another scary Pokemon, but one she vaguely recognized. It stood valiantly on four legs, its mane flowing behind it with a rounded, pointed appendage around its waist. They appeared to be depicted in combat, and Mello couldn't so much as guess why. Though the placement of the egg between them gave her the impression that maybe it was over the object she now held. Another look around the room revealed a myriad of pedestals of varying heights. Curious, she placed it on one nearby to see what might happen.

    Poof! Every second or so, the egg would seem to teleport from one pedestal to another. It seemed random at first, but closer examination revealed that it was following a line marked in the ground in a circle. She took notice that there were three spots seemingly shaped perfectly for the egg on the mural; one beneath either beast, and one in the middle. It beckoned her to make a choice between them, causing her some nervous trembling. She picked up the egg as it returned to the pedestal she'd placed it on, and walked back to the mural. She looked to either side, at either legendary beast, eyes filled with concern, and more subtly, fear. It was as if both of them were in her mind, barking demands for the egg at the same time. Nearly going to panic, she looked rapidly back and forth until finally deciding not to take a side, and placing it in the middle it rested neatly in place, the egg singed her paws as if it'd suddenly felt a hundred degrees hotter.

    "Ow!" Echoed a child-like, girly voice. Mello looked around the room wildly, confused as to its origin, until suddenly realizing. "Wait... I can... Talk?" She examined her paws. No signs of burns. "Like Irek...?" Puzzled, she made her way to the staircase, suddenly freezing and turning back around to face the mural. "U-Um, Thank you, very much!" She called out, before turning and hurrying her way up to the entrance. The sand still twirled around outside, though she saw a decent opening between her and what appeared to be the trainers that'd appeared nearby her initially. "Maybe... Maybe I can get help...?"

    Uncertain, Mello hurriedly made her way over to a tent where the others seemed to reside. She hadn't even realized immediately that battles were happening, seemingly they'd vanished in and out of visibility in the storm. Regardless, she hurried past with the utmost care, before abruptly bumping into the one trainer here that seemed to have the most understanding as to what was going on here. "E-Excuse me, um... Sir? It's really important. I need to get up to that mountain, my mate, my team, and my trainer all need me!"

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