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Originally Posted by bumbam View Post
when i try to open tmmaster or itemed it says this:
Component 'MSCOMT2.OCX' or one of its dependenciesnot correctly registered: a file missing or invalid

all the other tools work fine
Oaky doaky. I know why, it's because I used a control that you have to manually add in VB6. Same as the tabbed control, an up and down button requires it's library.

Download this and place it in the folder with TMMaster GSC and ItemEd GSC, aswell as tabctl32.ocx for TMMaster GSC, (link in an above post). Then your problems should be solved.

These are the only non standard controls I have ever used, (I think), so the two ocx files shall be included in the ZIP. It'll make the download shoot up though...:( 532KB. However will we cope...:D

EDIT: Here is the link for the program and .ocx files all in one zip Download.

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