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    Originally Posted by KillerMapper View Post
    Ok I know what I did wrong now, thanks for explaining. But I still need the other script to get a new BGM (like the BGM played in B/W when you battle the last leader's pokémon).

    I don't know if you can add this feature. Otherwise it isn't a problem, I can still display the message with your method and change the music with the other method.
    Sure thing. I just updated the Battle and Scene scripts to add for that change. If you want to play a battle BGM, all you have to do is add a third field to the array that will be the name of the BGM (as a string). The BGM change is completely optional, and you can have in-battle trainer speech without having to change the BGM.
    pbTrainerBattle(trainerid,trainername,["end speech","in-battle speech","BWGymLastPokemon"])
    I've also added an 8th, completely optional section to the scripts. This one is EntryAnimations, and just like the name suggests, it replaces the default battle entry animations that Essentials features, with 5 brand new ones. To use it you'll also need to save this image here to your ./Graphics/Transitions/ folder (save it as vsBall.png).

    They look much better in game, of course.

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