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Portal to the Moon

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I found 2 options for you:
1. If you know asm, you can search the difference between normal and the first rival battle and figure it out.
2. Use sethealingplace in level scripts. Make a script that uses special 0x0 and use
setflag 0xX
trainerbattle @after

#org @after
setflag 0xY

For level script :
checkflag 0xX
İf 0x1 goto @youbattled

#org @youbattled
checkflag 0xY
if 0x1 goto @youwon
(You lose)

I wrote just the main part and I hope it will help :)
I woke up on the moon.
I saw that beauty.
I cried till it's noon.
Nobody saw me lonely.