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Tackling? ?The? ?Beast? ?-? ?Jubulech? ?the? ?Behemoth
~? ?Ruins? ?outside? ?of? ?Zaland ~
Labanar Byron Barborda

The? ?hunting? ?party? ?had? ?formed? ?outside? ?of? ?the? ?walls? ?of? ?Fort? ?Besselat? ?and? ?set? ?of? ?on? ?a? ?small? ?flock? ?of chocobos.? ?Their? ?destination;? ?the? ?outskirts? ?of? ?the? ?city? ?of? ?Zaland.? ?Labanar? ?strayed? ?to? ?the? ?back? ?of the? ?flock,? ?his? ?head? ?on? ?a? ?swivel? ?as? ?he? ?kept? ?an? ?eye? ?out? ?for? ?any? ?hostile? ?enemies.? ?On? ?foot,? ?the? ?journey to? ?Zaland? ?would? ?take? ?nearly? ?a? ?day.? ?However,? ?on? ?the? ?backs? ?of? ?their? ?armoured? ?chocobos,? ?the? ?trip would? ?take? ?but? ?eight? ?hours.

The? ?Demon? ?Knight? ?kept? ?watch? ?over? ?his? ?company? ?as? ?mobs? ?of? ?enemies? ?fell? ?at? ?the? ?wayside.? ?Few monsters? ?approached? ?them? ?on? ?their? ?journey,? ?but? ?many? ?watched? ?as? ?the? ?chocobos? ?sped? ?on? ?by. Flans,? ?skeletons,? ?floating? ?eyes,? ?chocobos? ?and? ?even? ?other? ?clans? ?watched? ?from? ?narrowed? ?eyes? ?as the? ?hunting? ?party? ?passed.

Pay? ?them? ?no? ?mind,? ?Labanar? ?shouted? ?from? ?the? ?back? ?of? ?the? ?ranks,? ?prompted? ?by? ?one? ?of? ?the Humes? ?beginning? ?to? ?drift? ?out? ?towards? ?the? ?monsters.? ?Theyve? ?no? ?interest? ?in? ?us,? ?nor? ?we? ?in? ?them. We? ?cant? ?afford? ?any? ?loss? ?in? ?numbers? ?or? ?power? ?here? ?if? ?were? ?to? ?take? ?down? ?this? ?Jubulech.

The? ?Hume? ?looked? ?behind? ?him? ?and? ?nodded,? ?driving? ?his? chocobo? ?back? ?into? ?the? ?pack.? ?Several? ?more hours? ?passed? ?by? ?as? ?the? ?hunting? ?party? ?grew? ?ever? ?closer? ?to? ?their? ?mark.? ?As? ?the? ?Zaland? ?ruins? ?came into? ?view,? ?Labanar? ?rushed? ?to? ?the? ?front? ?of? ?the? ?formation? ?and? ?threw? ?his? ?fist? ?into? ?the? ?air,? ?motioning? ?for the? ?other? ?hunters? ?to? ?slow? ?their? ?advance.? ?The? ?Demon? ?Knight? ?rode? ?ahead? ?of? ?the? ?halted? ?formation, leaving? ?his? ?mount? ?behind? ?him.

Ssssir!? ?The? ?Bangaa? ?rode? ?his? ?chocobo? ?up? ?next? ?to? ?the? ?knight? ?and? ?immediately? ?hopped? ?down, planting? ?his? ?knee? ?in? ?the? ?dust? ?covered? ?dirt? ?before? ?bowing? ?his? ?head.? ?Isssnt? ?it? ?sssmarter? ?to? ?stay atop? ?the? ?chocobo?? ?If? ?the? ?beast? ?were? ?to? ?rear? ?its? ?head,? ?sir

Labanar? ?smiled? ?and? ?placed? ?his? ?hand? ?atop? ?the? ?Bangaas? ?head.? ?Ill? ?be? ?quite? ?alright,? ?Tiero.? ?I? ?plan? ?to sneak? ?around? ?the? ?beast? ?and? ?-? ?if? ?need? ?be? ?-? ?use? ?my? ?abilities? ?to? ?escape? ?its? ?grasp? ?while? ?I? ?signal? ?for your? ?combined? ?assault.

The? ?Bangaa? ?pressed? ?the? ?tip? ?of? ?his? ?snout? ?against? ?the? ?ground? ?and? ?nodded,? ?digging? ?his? ?face? ?into? ?the dirt.? ?Forgive? ?me? ?for? ?my? ?insssolence.? ?Tiero? ?closed? ?his? ?eyes? ?and? ?pressed? ?his? ?snout? ?further? ?into the? ?dirt,? ?unearthing? ?a? ?small? ?chunk? ?of? ?soil? ?as? ?he? ?buried? ?it? ?in? ?deeper? ?beneath? ?the? ?layers? ?of? ?sand? ?and topsoil.

Labanar? ?moved? ?his? ?hand? ?to? ?the? ?Bangaas? ?shoulder? ?and? ?lifted? ?him? ?from? ?his? ?position.? ?Its? ?no? ?matter to? ?me.? ?The? ?knight? ?smiled? ?at? ?Tiero? ?and? ?patted? ?both? ?hands? ?against? ?the? ?sides? ?of? ?his? ?shoulders.? ?The lizard? ?mans? ?face? ?was? ?covered? ?in? ?small? ?amounts? ?of? ?dirt? ?all? ?over,? ?and? ?had? ?a? ?single? ?worm? ?wiggling frantically? ?across? ?his? ?snout.? ?I? ?was? ?once? ?the? ?same? ?as? ?you,? ?so? ?pay? ?me? ?no? ?mind.? ?Whatever? ?it? ?is? ?Ive been? ?through? ?in? ?this? ?life,? ?Ill? ?never? ?become? ?so? ?snobbish? ?as? ?to? ?accept? ?such? ?groveling.? ?Out? ?here,? ?I am? ?no? ?more? ?the? ?noble? ?than? ?you.? ?On? ?the? ?hunt,? ?we? ?are? ?all? ?equals? ?in? ?the? ?eyes? ?of? ?the? ?beast.

Tiero? ?smiled,? ?seeing? ?the? ?sincerity? ?in? ?the? ?knights? ?eyes.? ?Sir.? ?He? ?nodded,? ?grabbing? ?the? ?reigns? ?of? ?his chocobo? ?before? ?hopping? ?back? ?atop? ?its? ?back.? ?Ill? ?rejoin? ?the? ?formation? ?and? ?await? ?your? ?ssignal? ?then.

Labanar? ?watched? ?as? ?the? ?Bangaa? ?rode? ?quietly? ?back? ?to? ?the? ?rest? ?of? ?his? ?group.? ?The? ?knight? ?sighed? ?and rubbed? ?his? ?head? ?as? ?he? ?turned? ?his? ?back? ?on? ?the? ?clansmen? ?hed? ?assembled.? ?The? ?mark? ?they? ?were hunting? ?could? ?be? ?anywhere? ?around? ?the? ?ruins,? ?or? ?it? ?might? ?have? ?even? ?headed? ?off? ?in? ?some? ?other direction.? ?He? ?couldnt? ?be? ?sure? ?until? ?he? ?found? ?some? ?sort? ?of? ?tracks? ?for? ?the? ?beast.

The? ?knight? ?pulled? ?the? ?wakizashi? ?from? ?his? ?waist,? ?holding? ?it? ?in? ?his? ?right? ?hand? ?as? ?he? ?cautiously navigated? ?the? ?ruins? ?in? ?search? ?of? ?any? ?type? ?of? ?clue.? ?As? ?he? ?turned? ?around? ?the? ?sides? ?of? ?a? ?number? ?of broken? ?columns? ?and? ?pillars,? ?he? ?couldnt? ?help? ?fighting? ?the? ?feeling? ?that? ?the? ?ruins? ?seemed? ?a? ?tad? ?more ruinous? ?than? ?usual.? ?Hed? ?been? ?to? ?this? ?point? ?a? ?number? ?of? ?times? ?on? ?previous? ?hunts? ?both? ?before? ?and after? ?his? ?time? ?in? ?project? ?Bel,? ?so? ?the? ?territory? ?was? ?somewhat? ?familiar? ?to? ?him.? ?As? ?Labanar? ?entered? ?a small? ?clearing? ?he? ?knelt? ?down? ?and? ?dug? ?his? ?hand? ?into? ?the? ?sand.? ?The? ?knight? ?pulled? ?up? ?a? ?small? ?pile? ?of the? ?fine? ?particles? ?and? ?let? ?them? ?run? ?free? ?between? ?his? ?fingers? ?as? ?he? ?surveyed? ?the? ?area? ?around? ?him.

Theres? ?hardly? ?any? ?sign? ?of? ?struggle? ?around? ?here.? ?No? ?blood,? ?nor? ?stench? ?of? ?decay.? ?The? ?air? ?is? ?quiet and? ?still...? ?? ?The? ?knight? ?slowly? ?stood,? ?staring? ?at? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?nearby? ?columns? ?which? ?had? ?been? ?broken eroded? ?by? ?years? ?of? ?violent? ?sandstorms.? ?Labanar? ?stroked? ?at? ?his? ?beard? ?as? ?he? ?spun? ?slowly? ?in? ?place, taking? ?in? ?every? ?detail? ?and? ?comparing? ?it? ?to? ?what? ?he? ?could? ?recall? ?of? ?the? ?place? ?at? ?a? ?time? ?before.? ?The more? ?in? ?depth? ?he? ?looked,? ?the? ?more? ?that? ?it? ?seemed? ?the? ?ruins? ?were? ?off.? ?Not? ?off? ?in? ?the? ?way? ?that? ?theyd been? ?trampled? ?upon? ?by? ?a? ?hulking? ?monster,? ?but? ?that? ?theyd? ?been? ?tampered? ?with? ?by? ?human? ?hands to? ?be? ?made? ?to? ?look? ?more? ?normal? ?than? ?they? ?should.? ?As? ?Labanar? ?began? ?to? ?lose? ?himself? ?in? ?thought, he? ?was? ?dragged? ?away? ?by? ?a? ?loud? ?scream? ?coming? ?from? ?behind? ?him.

Sir? ?knight!? ?Sir? ?knight!? ?One? ?of? ?the? ?Humes? ?rushed? ?towards? ?Labanar,? ?blood? ?trickling? ?down? ?their face? ?as? ?they? ?stumbled? ?towards? ?him.? ?Its? ?there!? ?The? ?Behemoth!? ?Jubulech? ?is? ?attacking? ?the chocobos!

Labanars? ?face? ?turned? ?white? ?as? ?he? ?pulled? ?the? ?other? ?weapon? ?from? ?his? ?waist? ?and? ?began? ?to? ?stride hastily? ?in? ?the? ?direction? ?of? ?the? ?formation? ?that? ?hed? ?left? ?behind.? ?What? ?happened?? ?How? ?did? ?it? ?get around? ?us?

As? ?Labanar? ?came? ?to? ?pass? ?the? ?Hume,? ?the? ?clansman? ?turned? ?and? ?matched? ?his? ?stride.? ?The? ?man? ?had clearly? ?been? ?injured? ?before? ?coming? ?to? ?call? ?on? ?the? ?knight,? ?as? ?every? ?few? ?steps? ?hed? ?take? ?would? ?end with? ?him? ?falling? ?nearly? ?a? ?step? ?and? ?a? ?half? ?behind? ?as? ?he? ?winced? ?in? ?pain? ?and? ?stumbled? ?to? ?the? ?side.? ?It didnt.? ?The? ?creature? ?it? ?it? ?wasnt? ?there? ?one? ?second,? ?and? ?then? ?the? ?next? ?it? ?just? ?popped? ?up!

What? ?do? ?you? ?mean? ?it? ?just,? ?popped? ?up?

I? ?mean,? ?the? ?Hume? ?looked? ?at? ?his? ?hands? ?as? ?he? ?walked,? ?shaking? ?them? ?around? ?vigorously? ?against each? ?other.? ?Swoosh!? ?When? ?you? ?left,? ?there? ?was? ?nothing.? ?Then? ?after? ?a? ?while,? ?there? ?was something!? ?I? ?dont? ?know? ?how? ?else? ?to? ?explain? ?it,? ?Sir!

Labanar? ?scowled? ?and? ?quickened? ?his? ?pace,? ?almost? ?running? ?back? ?towards? ?the? ?chocobo? ?mounted clansmen.? ?The? ?Hume? ?who? ?had? ?come? ?to? ?warn? ?him? ?slowly? ?fell? ?behind? ?as? ?the? ?knight? ?came? ?in? ?to? ?the clearing? ?where? ?hed? ?left? ?the? ?others.? ?What? ?no? ?the? ?knight? ?slowly? ?walked? ?forward,? ?his? ?mouth ajar? ?as? ?he? ?saw? ?the? ?behemoth? ?in? ?all? ?of? ?its? ?glory? ?as? ?it? ?stood? ?atop? ?the? ?crushed? ?bodies? ?of? ?nearly? ?half? ?of the? ?men? ?hed? ?brought? ?along? ?with? ?him.

The? ?Behemoth? ?slowly? ?turned? ?towards? ?Labanar,? ?letting? ?loose? ?a? ?ferocious? ?roar? ?as? ?Tiero,? ?the? ?two Grians,? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?Moogles? ?and? ?another? ?of? ?the? ?Humes? ?let? ?loose? ?a? ?flurry? ?of? ?attacks? ?upon? ?it.? ?The monster? ?swatted? ?the? ?Moogle? ?with? ?its? ?tail,? ?sending? ?the? ?tiny? ?being? ?flying? ?across? ?the? ?sands? ?before crashing? ?in? ?to? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?various? ?fallen? ?pillars.? ?The? ?knights? ?face? ?turned? ?a? ?bright? ?red? ?as? ?his? ?pace quickened? ?even? ?further,? ?his? ?swords? ?slowly? ?becoming? ?engulfed? ?in? ?a? ?swirl? ?of? ?black? ?and? ?red? ?as? ?his emotions? ?took? ?hold? ?over? ?him.

And? ?just? ?where? ?do? ?you? ?think? ?youre? ?going,? ?sir? ?knight?? ?Labanar? ?turned? ?his? ?head,? ?looking? ?over? ?his shoulder? ?at? ?the? ?Hume? ?whod? ?lead? ?him? ?into? ?the? ?clearing.? ?I? ?never? ?said? ?you? ?could? ?go? ?on? ?ahead, Demon.

What?? ?Labanar? ?slowly? ?turned,? ?only? ?just? ?catching? ?a? ?glimpse? ?of? ?the? ?whip? ?as? ?it? ?cracked? ?across? ?his cheek.? ?The? ?attack? ?sent? ?the? ?knight? ?tumbling? ?to? ?the? ?ground,? ?having? ?caught? ?him? ?completely? ?off guard.? ?The? ?knight? ?quickly? ?looked? ?up? ?at? ?the? ?Hume,? ?taking? ?in? ?the? ?features? ?of? ?his? ?face? ?over? ?the course? ?of? ?a? ?few? ?seconds.? ?Youre? ?not? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?Humes? ?who? ?came? ?along? ?with? ?us? ?who? ?who are? ?you?

The? ?Hume? ?laughed? ?hardily? ?as? ?he? ?wound? ?the? ?whip? ?around? ?his? ?arm.? ?Oh,? ?Im? ?sure? ?youd? ?like? ?to know,? ?wouldnt? ?you?? ?Of? ?course? ?you? ?would? ?after? ?all,? ?I? ?am? ?the? ?one? ?who? ?killed? ?all? ?of? ?your? ?friends back? ?there.? ?Or,? ?I? ?suppose? ?I? ?should? ?say? ?it? ?was? ?my? ?pet? ?who? ?killed? ?them? ?all.

A? ?beastmaster.? ?Labanar? ?grit? ?his? ?teeth? ?as? ?his? ?head? ?inched? ?away? ?from? ?the? ?man? ?attempting? ?to loom? ?over? ?him.? ?What? ?business? ?have? ?you? ?here?? ?Why? ?do? ?you? ?call? ?upon? ?the? ?powers? ?of? ?the behemoth? ?to? ?wreak? ?such? ?havoc? ?and? ?mayhem?

My? ?reasons? ?are? ?my? ?own. I've no intention of explaining myself to someone so close to death.? ?I? ?cant? ?have? ?you? ?off? ?destroying? ?my? ?pet? ?just? ?yet? ?anyways,? ?not? ?after? ?all? ?the hard? ?work? ?I? ?put? ?in? ?to? ?tracking? ?him? ?down? ?and? ?taming? ?him.? ?No? ?matter? ?your? ?rank,? ?youre? ?going? ?to? ?fall here.

I? ?dont? ?think? ?so!? ?One? ?of? ?the? ?Gria? ?quickly? ?flew? ?over.? ?Hovering? ?over? ?the? ?fallen? ?knight,? ?she? ?erected? ?a violently? ?glowing? ?barrier? ?which? ?pushed? ?the? ?beastmaster? ?away? ?as? ?it? ?grew? ?to? ?its? ?full? ?size.? ?As? ?soon as? ?the? ?barrier? ?completed? ?its? ?formation,? ?the? ?remainder? ?of? ?the? ?clansmen? ?that? ?Labanar? ?had? ?brought with? ?him? ?all? ?rushed? ?under? ?its? ?protection? ?at? ?once.? ?Jubulech? ?followed? ?closely? ?behind,? ?lunging? ?at? ?the remaining? ?Moogle? ?as? ?he? ?somersaulted? ?into? ?the? ?barrier,? ?causing? ?the? ?beast? ?to? ?fall? ?backwards? ?as? ?it was? ?repelled? ?by? ?the? ?divines? ?protection.

Good? ?going? ?Mary!? ?The? ?Gria? ?who? ?had? ?challenged? ?him? ?in? ?the? ?tavern? ?earlier? ?that? ?morning? ?smiled and? ?slapped? ?her? ?friend? ?on? ?the? ?shoulder,? ?giving? ?it? ?a? ?tight? ?squeeze? ?as? ?she? ?shook? ?her? ?about? ?- causing? ?the? ?barrier? ?to? ?flicker? ?as? ?she? ?lost? ?her? ?focus.

Dont? ?do? ?that? ?Morticia!? ?If? ?I? ?lose? ?focus? ?then? ?well? ?likely? ?all? ?die? ?to? ?that? ?monster!

Mondu,? ?how? ?are? ?you?? ?Tiero? ?walked? ?over? ?to? ?the? ?Moogle? ?whod? ?been? ?batted? ?away? ?so? ?effortlessly. The? ?Bangaa? ?placed? ?both? ?of? ?his? ?hands? ?on? ?the? ?bruised? ?leg? ?of? ?the? ?Moogle? ?as? ?he? ?inspected? ?its? ?length.

Ive? ?been? ?better,? ?sure,? ?kupo.? ?The? ?Moogle? ?winced? ?in? ?pain? ?as? ?the? ?Bangaa? ?put? ?pressure? ?on? ?his bruised? ?leg.? ?Cant? ?say? ?that? ?the? ?leg? ?feels? ?too? ?great,? ?but? ?Im? ?sure? ?Ill? ?live.? ?If? ?that? ?monster? ?hadnt eaten? ?all? ?my? ?Phoenix? ?Downs,? ?I? ?probably? ?could? ?have? ?saved? ?Mallory? ?too? ?I? ?suppose? ?thats? ?the danger? ?of? ?the? ?hunt.? ?Kup-kupo. The? ?bossll? ?most? ?likely? ?be? ?upset? ?to? ?hear? ?that? ?one? ?of? ?his? ?top? ?Moogles? ?didnt make? ?it? ?back.

Dont? ?worry? ?about? ?it.? ?Labanar? ?slowly? ?raised? ?himself? ?to? ?his? ?feet? ?as? ?he? ?stared? ?at? ?the? ?Hume? ?ahead of? ?him.? ?The? ?beastmaster? ?snapped? ?his? ?whip? ?repeatedly,? ?a? ?grin? ?plastered? ?across? ?his? ?face? ?as? ?he circled? ?the? ?impenetrable? ?enclosure.? ?Im? ?sure? ?hell? ?understand? ?if? ?he? ?hears? ?what? ?you? ?tried? ?to? ?go? ?up against.? ?Its? ?my? ?fault? ?for? ?not? ?being? ?more? ?cautious.? ?Ill? ?make? ?sure? ?to? ?pay? ?amends? ?for? ?his? ?loss.? ?For now? ?though,? ?we? ?should? ?focus? ?on? ?the? ?task? ?at? ?hand.? ?Theres? ?still? ?more? ?than? ?half? ?of? ?us? ?here? ?we should? ?be? ?able? ?to? ?take? ?down? ?this? ?mark? ?regardless.? ?Well? ?save? ?everything? ?else? ?for? ?later.

The? ?one? ?remaining? ?Hume? ?wiped? ?his? ?face,? ?clearing? ?away? ?the? ?tears? ?that? ?had? ?been? ?streaming? ?so furiously? ?since? ?even? ?before? ?he? ?came? ?in? ?to? ?the? ?Grias? ?barrier.? ?Y-youre? ?right.? ?Things? ?like? ?these happen? ?this? ?is? ?whats? ?expected? ?of? ?hunters? ?after? ?all

Tiero? ?wrapped? ?his? ?arm? ?around? ?the? ?young? ?Hume? ?and? ?pulled? ?him? ?in? ?close? ?to? ?his? ?chest.? ?Hey? ?kiddo, dont? ?get? ?ssso? ?bent? ?out? ?of? ?shape? ?about? ?it.? ?It? ?hurts? ?when? ?youre? ?just? ?ssstarting? ?out? ?but? ?youll? ?get used? ?to? ?it.? ?Trussst? ?me.? ?The? ?Bangaa? ?smacked? ?its? ?tongue? ?against? ?the? ?roof? ?of? ?its? ?mouth? ?several times? ?as? ?it? ?breathed,? ?trying? ?to? ?find? ?the? ?right? ?words? ?to? ?say.? ?See? ?that? ?Seeq? ?over? ?there?? ?Best? ?friend? ?I ever? ?had,? ?I? ?tell? ?ya.? ?Known? ?the? ?guy? ?for? ?three? ?years.? ?Never? ?had? ?even? ?a? ?single? ?problem? ?with? ?him,? ?tight pocketed? ?as? ?he? ?was.? ?Now? ?hes? ?dead,? ?and? ?theres? ?really? ?nothin? ?I? ?can? ?do? ?bout? ?it.? ?If? ?itd? ?happened five? ?or? ?ten? ?years? ?ago? ?it? ?probably? ?woulda? ?tore? ?me? ?right? ?up.? ?Now?? ?I? ?just? ?kind? ?of? ?expect? ?it,? ?yknow? Those? ?Humes? ?out? ?there? ?coulda? ?been? ?your? ?best? ?of? ?friends,? ?Travis.? ?But? ?none? ?of? ?that? ?matters? ?now. See?? ?Sir? ?Barborda ?knows? ?what? ?I? ?mean,? ?just? ?ask? ?him.

The? ?Hume? ?looked? ?up? ?at? ?Labanar? ?with? ?bloodshot? ?eyes,? ?somehow? ?still? ?filled? ?with? ?wonder? ?at? ?the Bangaas? ?words? ?despite? ?their? ?current? ?position.? ?S-sir? ?knight?

Labanar? ?glanced? ?down? ?at? ?the? ?boy? ?and? ?then? ?back? ?up? ?at? ?the? ?beastmaster.? ?Nows? ?not? ?really? ?the time? ?for? ?it,? ?Travis.? ?The? ?knight? ?fiddled? ?with? ?the? ?weapons? ?at? ?his? ?waist,? ?having? ?replaced? ?them? ?only? ?a few? ?seconds? ?prior.? ?Focus? ?on? ?the? ?hunt,? ?or? ?youll? ?just? ?be? ?another? ?body? ?lost? ?in? ?the? ?sand.? ?If? ?were going? ?to? ?take? ?this? ?monster? ?and? ?its? ?master? ?down,? ?were? ?going? ?to? ?need? ?to? ?strategize.

And? ?strategize? ?we? ?ssshall!? ?Tiero? ?slapped? ?the? ?young? ?Hume? ?on? ?the? ?back? ?with? ?a? ?smile,? ?his? ?eyes slowly? ?dulling? ?all? ?the? ?while.? ?Although,? ?first? ?we? ?really? ?should? ?find? ?out? ?what? ?each? ?of? ?us? ?is? ?fully capable? ?of.? ?Obviously? ?the? ?boys? ?an? ?archer-

Bowmaster,? ?Travis? ?cut? ?in,? ?his? ?eyes? ?fixated? ?on? ?the? ?ground? ?as? ?he? ?mumbled.? ?Im? ?a bowmaster? ?a? ?pretty? ?decent? ?one? ?I? ?suppose.

My? ?bad,? ?let? ?me? ?start? ?again? ?then.? ?The? ?Bangaa? ?took? ?a? ?deep? ?breath? ?and? ?sighed.? ?So? ?weve? ?a bowmaster,? ?a? ?pilgrim,? ?a? ?falcon,? ?an? ?acrobat,? ?a? ?guardian? ?and? ?of? ?course,? ?a? ?demon? ?knight.? ?Tiero stopped? ?and? ?surveyed? ?the? ?room,? ?his? ?mouth? ?clasped? ?shut? ?as? ?he? ?searched? ?for? ?any? ?other? ?opening mouths.? ?So?? ?What? ?do? ?we? ?do? ?with? ?all? ?this? ?information?

Ive? ?got? ?more? ?than? ?a? ?few? ?ideas.? ?Labanar? ?pulled? ?the? ?wooden? ?knife? ?from? ?the? ?pouch? ?on? ?his? ?gut? ?and began? ?to? ?draw? ?lines? ?in? ?the? ?sand.? ?I? ?just? ?hope? ?that? ?this? ?barrier? ?holds? ?out? ?long? ?enough? ?for? ?me? ?to? ?pitch a? ?few? ?of? ?em.