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^wishing I could be as well-versed as this guy

If there's anything I'm really fond if, it's reading about Legendary Pokemon and their relationship with Pokemon and humans, good and bad and all between. I liked your take on Virizion and how he was reminiscing about days passed, the now old Champion, and what's to come in the future. The syntax in particular I really liked (y'know, except when you forced me onto in that it matched how I saw Virizion in the story, this regal being detached from the present not because he wanted to be but because he was sort of "outdated," a god not quite able to catch up with time, though that Champion woman had the opposite problem.

For creatures like her, worship to the trio of larger-than-life figures was correct, normal, natural even; she never had to stop to think if that worship was out of respect, dread and / or fear.
This is actually a thought I often have so I'm glad it's not just me being paranoid :P
The Legendary on the other hand seemed to just not care; he just stood there listening to the crossing’s siren, thinking of his activities for the day, awaiting for Caolené’s response as if it was to come as naturally as the rain on winter.
I gotta admit, I don't get the "rain on winter." Maybe because I live in Florida.
As they did the human who preceded her, who taught them about telephones; and the human who preceded that one, who accompanied them exploring caves and dense forests; and the human before that, who tried to explain what the stars in the sky were like; and the one before that, who was the one to help lay out the railroads; and…
...And many others before.
Always one at a time.
Do I have to say why? I just love this quote.
A new chain of trust would have to be built before Virizion felt like he was capable of asking questions to the human about the signification of trains, of food, of time, of everything.
I thought this was funny, maybe because I'm overthinking it as Virizion showing some of humanity.
He wondered what returning to that time before the Sovereignty, before the worship, would be like. What things would look like, smell like, taste like.
If you're looking for something better-tasting than food pills, guy, you're gonna be sorely disappointed!