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Posted August 23rd, 2020
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Please make your own sprites with my HP Bar toolkit!!! It will tell you everything and will help alot if you want your patch in this thread!!!

HP Bar Patches!!!

I've been looking for these patches for a LONG time, so why dont i make my own! But i decided to help all of the people like me... lazy with a capital I.
(Get it! its a I not a lower case L!!!! Dang im stoopid)

Sadly, since im lazy, these are only for FR because i used Delta's Bookmarks for NSE.(Only for FR) so yeah, do it yourself EmeraldHeads! but not RubyHeads...
They suck.
Patches Available!
HGSS styled sprites. (They look yucky for a reason)
HGSS Patch-0.png
hgss hp box patch.zip(Go See HGSS Plus.)

Me, Jaizu

HGSS Sprites Plus (Download This instead of the one up top.

Me, Jaizu

Gaia Sprites (These are meant as bases for your own and i advise you not to use these plain for your rom. and Spherical Ice will kill me if he found out about this :shifty-eyed: )

Me, Spherical Ice and his team of people? (I don't know who made em')

Platinum sprites! (This one took a while, and i do want to make some changes. and the info/controls are blue and oaks background is changed to be Bright blue. odd.)
Plain FR-6.png

Hollowroxas. (He made these in Wackahack, but are not available anymore. and he hasnt hacked since 2015... so, yeah.)
Coming Soon!
I really dont know... yet. i might make my own i guess?
i am making more. these are plain v1.0 roms of FR. nothing changed or new other than these.
If you want your own HP Box in here, just post the .NSL or PM the .NSL to me!
Q: What was the hardest one so far?
A: The Gaia ones. i had to rip em' from the original rom and put them in to a plain one witch was so hard i almost quit.
Q: Can i make one and make it be showcased here?
A: :irate-stare: dude, its in big letters in the beginning of the thread, bro.