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First, I want to thank you for taking the time to review.

I'm wondering if it is good or bad that you hate to admit that you liked the story, lol. It is admittedly not the best quality I have produced so far considering I was coming back from a break back then. Still, I feel it does its work well and as you say, highlights some deeper issues such as how does one handle their extreme longevity or even immortality. And it does showcase a character of a set that I've been long waiting for a chance to write about.

As for your question, it's supposed to be "of the grass-type acolytes" because Virizion is further describing the one memory ("of A, of B, of C, ..."), but I think am not 100% sure and it's actually a grammatical mishap and it should have been a joining with an and instead for those elements because here we are describing one thing and instead it reads like we are describing many. I could stand more opinions and further checks on this.
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