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    Last Saturday I went to another City Championship and actually did better than last time with the same deck! I placed 2nd this time, but as I'll talk about in my final match, it was down to the wire.

    I don't really remember too many details about the games, as I'm going by memory here. It may not be the most interesting read.

    Round 1
    vs. Electrode/Cobalion/Kyurem

    I really don't remember much about this game other than I started fairly well and stayed on top for the whole game.

    Round 2

    This is the same person who won the tournament, but my first game against him wasn't that great, so I lost.

    Round 3
    vs. Cobalion/Electrode/Kyurem/Terrakion

    This time, I'm playing against another member of the group I mentioned last time. He had a poor start, and even got no Energy with Electrode's Energymite Poke-Power, as well as his last two Voltorb being prized! I basically dominated this game.

    Round 4
    vs. Six Corners (Virizion/Terrakion/Kyurem/Cobalion/Misc. Techs)

    Again, my opponent had a terrible start, but I started with a lone Carnivine (my tech against Vileplume based decks) However, I managed to get set up relatively quickly and managed to run through his bulky Basic Pokemon with ease. He even ran Victini (V-create) and Bouffalant (Revenge), but those didn't help at all.

    Round 5
    vs. ??????

    This match was really sad. My opponent started with a lone Bellsprout, went first, and couldn't do anything. Meanwhile, I had a Cyndaquil Active, a Fire Energy in my hand, AND PlusPower! Need I say more?

    Round 6
    vs. Magnezone/Eelectrik/Zekrom

    Just like the last time against this deck (different player, obviously), I lost.

    Because I lost my last game against a paired down opponent (in other words, I played against someone with a 3-2 record), I thought I wasn't going to make it in. However, the top 8 were announced, and I again just barely made it in the top 8 for the second tournament in a row! The person I was playing against was also the one with the Chandelure deck that I lost so horribly to last time! I definitely wanted to avenge that terrible loss, and boy did I deliver!

    Top 8, Game 1
    vs. Chandelure

    I managed to set up a Typhlosion on turn 3, while my opponent couldn't really set up. I'm able to pick off Oddishes but he does manage to get a Vileplume out. Luckily, I had my Carnivine drag up Vileplume and let my Reshiram KO it. He scooped shortly after.

    Top 8, Game 2

    This game played out similarly to last game, except he never did manage to get Vileplume out, as they were prized.
    2-0 (Game), 5-2 overall

    Top 4

    My next opponent would be the only person with Reshiphlosion that I would play against. It wasn't the person who won last time, but I knew it would be difficult. I honestly don't remember how the games went down, but I do know I won by a 2-1 margin, and in Game 3 I completely dominated. (6-2)

    Top 2

    My final opponent was the person I played in round 2, except this time the games were much closer. All three games I started strong, but I only won 1 of them, primarily due to him getting a Magnezone out before he lost due to lack of Basics, and was able to recover. The last game came down to time, and if I had drawn my last Junk Arm for a Catcher, I would have won!

    All in all, it was a great day. Three of the five from my group (myself included) made it into the top cut, but we all lost to the same person, one after the other! Talk about an odd twist! Anyway, there's one more City Championship coming up this Saturday that I plan on attending.

    Originally Posted by Rocket_Executive View Post
    Raikou Trainer, it happened to me one time too that I had to face my friend in the top cut. It was provincials too, and our match was right at the beginning of top cut, so it sucked because one of us would be eliminated right away. I think I placed 12th or something? But it's good that your friend ended up winning, at least you can feel like you contributed to their success!
    That's the way I looked at it as well.
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