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Alright Updates:

I changed the dll from debug to release this hopefully will remove the dll errors.
I got the game rendering directly onto the rgss window! (Now only 1 window pops up) Should currently be compatible with Essentials
Added A projection (custom camera views)
Added lighting
Added support for Irrlicht's built in sphere/block models
Added Sky Boxes! (Panorama folder)
Added Animation support
Added Gui Support
And much more!

When moving the mouse on the window it flickers black, this is due to the game's internal graphics rendering (I need to cancel this out)

I had to sacrifice the Hangup to continue running the process, unless you all wanted the game to flicker black every time you call Graphics.Update.

Anyways, if you know how to stop XP's internal graphics from rendering, that will be great!

I'll release it next week.
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