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What if we worked through a chat room in Skype? It is a much simpler user interface, and we could all access a meeting on a mobile device if we needed it...
That would be good for you all. Unfortunately, me and Skype don't quite get along, though I'll try my hand at it again for the sake of the project.

However, for all filesharing, I've decided on Dropbox. If anyone has any problem with Dropbox, let me know.

email: dsaver1@yahoo.com
Dropbox name: dudebot Jones
Dropbox machine: dudebot-Machine

In the meantime, I'll survey everyone and PM you all everyone's Skype name and place them in the Dropbox when I collect them all.

So that we don't find ourselves in a clusterbomb mess of a project, I'll list the order of things I want to work on. Any objections will be taken into consideration.

-Story [Before we even start working towards the actual ROM, I want to make sure that the story is tight. I don't want to do too much rewriting during the course of another event, so I'll be going through the story with all the storyline writers before moving on to the next part.]

-Mapping [After the story pans out, we should be able to start mapping within days of it, if not hours. It's a definite that we will come back to it, so I'm only looking to start with mapping out the cities and the paths to those cities. Once that's finished, we'll move on to the next part and come back to map out events that aren't crucial to the main story such as hidden areas and the paths to legendaries.]

-Spriting [Naturally, I want to insert the necessary sprites after the map's been set out.]

-Scripting [I think this one's a no-brainer for us all. Hopefully, with everything else laid out, we should be able to ease any hold-ups in the scripting department.]

Now, obviously, I'm not going have people map, sprite or script the entire region in one go.

The way it works is simple enough. Once the first two Gym cities are finished being mapped, we'll get to sprite-inserting where we can. Once the first two Gym cities are sprite-filled, then we should be able to get the scripting team going. If we can keep everything running smooth in that fashion or something similar to it, we'll use the time as efficiently as possible.

So far, everyone's mutual line of communication has been through me. That'll change as soon as I set the general line of communication (hopefully by the end of the day). Until then, I ask that you be patient with me on this.

As an alternative, everyone working on the project is listed in the first post. If you can, I ask that you all try to get acquainted and make working together a bit simpler.

After I can outline our jobs properly, I'll likely take a backseat in some departments and act only as a consultant.