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Originally Posted by LoveSnoopy View Post
Not exactly new here, my other accounts name is "Papii" (made it in January 2011, didn't think I was going to post regularly on this site, so made a crappy username. Turns out I absolutely love this site, and am going to start posting regularly! If it's against the rules to have more than one account, please merge this one with my old one but keep the username on this account, thanks.)

Anyways, I was wondering if there is away to hide some things on this website? For example, birth date, post count, registration date etc.

Add me on Skype if you like Pokemon and like to talk :)! I will start getting on my Skype everyday beginning in a few days/weeks.
Hi there, I remember seeing you on the Papii account.

And it doesn't worry if you transfer accounts, several people do so when they want a name change or if they lost login details or something. Glad to hear you're becoming an active member again!
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