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Small Request Thread

Need something?

What is this thread?

Because request threads are no longer allowed, this thread is making a comeback! Threads containing requests will be merged here henceforth. The Small Request thread is for posting small requests to assure your request is seen by a large group of artists. If you have a request and there is no artist currently offering to fulfil that request in their showcase, post it here!

What can I request?

This is for small items; do not post expectations of large digital pieces, elaborate music tracks, or entire sprite spreadsheets. If you want an avatar, a recolor, or some small edit, that's perfectly reasonable. Please keep in mind that the artists here are working for free. Don't abuse this thread or the artists. Also, no artist is required to perform anything - your post in this thread may go ignored.

All PC Rules apply!

If you have problems please contact Art Studio's Moderators.


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