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    Oh, sorry to ress, but when i press Toss, Give or Cancel, open that issue. Every item (to use them its ok and Zygarde Cube its all ok too):

    Pokemon Essentials
    [Pokmon Essentials version 17.2]
    Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: undefined method `>=' for nil:NilClass
    PScreen_Bag:490:in `pbStartScreen'
    PScreen_Bag:448:in `loop'
    PScreen_Bag:562:in `pbStartScreen'
    PScreen_PauseMenu:191:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'
    PScreen_PauseMenu:188:in `pbFadeOutIn'
    PScreen_PauseMenu:188:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'
    PScreen_PauseMenu:144:in `loop'
    PScreen_PauseMenu:279:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'
    Scene_Map:127:in `call_menu'
    Scene_Map:213:in `follow_update'
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