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    So they finally fixed the Poke Pelago bug. I was using it when I first came out, but then it became an annoyance, so just threw my pokemon on the island and let it sit.... slowly forgetting about them....

    It was very useful though. I see why they would fix it, just surprised it took them so long. You could put pokemon in the Pelago, and set it to 99 training sessions and then go back to the last 5 minutes of a month and once the month changed, everything would finish automatically. I think I got 18 pokemon to level 70 or so at thje same time in about an hour of doing it. Once you got to around 80 though, it became extremly slow and annoying to do.

    If they had a pokemon training area like they had in Unova Games and Kalos Games, I would have never used that glich, but it was impossible to train pokemon after you beat the league. The only real way to train in Sun and Moon is the League.
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