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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
Graphics have never been a selling point for Pokemon. They've never been up to what could be done on the system, idk why X&Y would be any different.

Besides just because they're both on the 3DS doesn't mean Ocarina of Time and X&Y are being made by the same people ;x
Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Specs have never been the main focus on video games; otherwise, we would've gotten games that look beautiful and better stroytelling but terrible gameplay. *points to Star Wars: the Force Unleashed*
Originally Posted by droomph View Post

Anyways, I honestly can't understand people who like better graphics. I mean, of course you want to be able to tell what's going on, but I don't consider AWESOME graphics to be important in a game.
You all misunderstand me.
I'd rather the B/W style, that what I've seen of the X&Y graphics so far. Nothing to do with any delusions of being entitled to better graphics for every iteration, more to do with the fact that X&Y looks like garbage in comparison to B/W.
The comparison is the important part. I'm not saying this because I'm whining about 'waaah they screwed up my games' THAT would be acting entitled. The issue I have a problem with is that fact that the graphics look worse than the previous games, and the only argument for it is that 'Well we tried to make it more 3d, which takes more resources and so the graphical style is more limited' when my previous post shows exactly why that is untrue.

B/W was a 3d game in essence, the camera was fixed, but at times such as cut-scenes it would pan slightly to give more depth. If they simply made X/Y look exactly the same as B/W but maintained the camera locked at that lower angle, it would be an improvement.

Originally Posted by droomph View Post
But then they'll start working on simulating the proteins that are in the character's body, because they can.

Never underestimate humans and their ingenuity to find new ways to waste resources.

Also about X&Y, they said that the footage wasn't final so I don't get what everyone's complaining about.
The footage wasn't final, true but if at this stage they still have large changes to make to aspects such as the graphical engine, then I worry for the quality of the story/game-play in x/y.

Edit: I'd also like to say, generally I don't give a damn about graphics. satisfying storyline and entertaining game-play takes priority for me. The majority of my favorite games are all more than 15years old, and It's not just nostalgia speaking, I spent the last week replaying chrono trigger. If you put that game in front of an average 12 year old today, they would immediately tell you it looks like crap and ask to play call of duty instead. However if you convince them to actually play it, chances are they would still enjoy it for the astounding game it is.