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Pokémon Red Reloaded
Current Version: 0.1 (Goes up to Celadon City, must be patched on a clean US HeartGold rom)
Download here

Pokémon Red Reloaded is my attempt to port the GBA Pokémon Fire Red game to the NDS platform. It differentiates itself from other similar projects out there like Heart Red or Soul Silver in terms of edited maps and graphics. The story itself will stay faithful to the original one for the most part. In future releases, I aim to expand some parts of the story to show what characters like Silver, Ariana, Archer and others were up to before the events of HG/SS. Sevii islands are confirmed for the post-league story, and I also plan on opening Johto up for exploration.

Revamped maps and tileset graphics
All 493 Pokémon will be obtainable in-game
Kanto, Johto and Sevii Islands available for exploration
Characters from the Sinnoh and Hoenn games will also make an appearance
Fun side-quests will be given out by NPCs throughout the story


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