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Just in case wanna know why this game is pretty much dead, well:

This is why I gave up on Pokemon Emerald hacking. Like, wow. Do I have to find the 7 Dragon Balls too? I'm sorry, but do you really expect newcomers to understand this, not to mention someone who's been doing this for ALMOST TEN YEARS!!! You'd have to learn how to make a program before even attempting to make an Emerald mod. At least make a simple GUI for this, because at this rate, I'm just gonna move over to FireRed. Because it has a nifty SIMPLE tool to make a ROM with everything that I need, and not whatever this is. Okay, rant over.
This sounds like something I could help with, and I would be more than willing to do so. I work with stuff like this for a living, and I understand all of the steps listed in that image. However, I would need to be able to access an un-compiled version of your game (as specified in the screenshot). (I found the post from the screenshot).