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Chapter 2: New Responsibilites
Ballade's POV

I'm about to punch out when I get a call about a 20-year-old male automobile accident victim. I run to the ambulance entrance. My heart sinks when I see Chris being wheeled in on a stretcher. I try my best to forget that Chris is my son, and just treat him like any other patient. My maternal instincts kick in, and I rush over to him.

"Mom, I'm sorry I crashed the car you and dad bought for me. Plus, I might not be able to help Tracy deal with her new responsibilities," Chris says.

"Christopher, don't try to talk, your father and I will deal with the insurance company. Don't worry about Tracy. Just relax, everything is going to be fine,"

The head nurse, Holly, pulls me aside and says, "Ballade, I'm afraid you can't help the others with Chris. Since he is your son, this case is too personal for you."

I know Holly is right. My maternal instincts are in control right now, so I'd be getting in the other nurses' way while they try to help Christopher. So I punch out and sit down in the waiting room.

Tracy's POV

I park my car and start to get worried when I don't see Chris's car.

I know work is twenty minutes away. Chris should have been home by now. I hope everything is alright.

"Tracy, how come Chris isn't back yet?" Amelia asks.

"I'm not sure, but I'll call him. Let's head inside, and I'll make us some lunch,"

I pick up the message arrow, put it into my purse, and get out of the car. Amelia, Angela and I head inside. I hang it on the coat rack and hang the keys on the hook next to the door. We head to the kitchen and I start making lunch. After I set their food on the table, I hear the sound of a car door closing. I leave the room. I walk to the front door, take the message arrow out of my purse, and open it to see Aaron run up.

"Mom and dad told me they wanted me to tell you that they wanted to talk to you," Aaron says.

"Thank you for relaying the message," I say

I place my left hand on his head and start to ruffle his hair. I chuckle when he starts to complain that I am messing up his hair, so I stop. Then I head over to mom and dad. My stomach is churning, and my heart starts to race when I don't see Chris's car parked behind dad's.

"Tracy, I'm sorry, sweetheart, I was leaving work today. Chris was in a car accident," Mom says.

"Oh my gosh, is he okay?"

"The doctors said he has a broken jaw, along with his right leg, and several lacerations. He also has a concussion." Mom answers.

"He will be coming home, right?"

"Right now he is in a medically induced coma," Dad says.

I hand dad the message arrow as tears start to stream down my cheeks. Mom hugs me as I continue to cry into her chest. Two minutes later I stop crying and look up at her. She moves my hair away from my eyes and kisses me on the forehead.

"Sweetheart, I'm afraid that you're going to have to take Chris's place and become the Silver Ranger," Mom says.

"Mom, I can't. I want to help you and dad while Chris is in the hospital. How are you going to handle taking care of Amelia, Angela and Arron, if you have to work another job to help pay for the hospital bills - not to mention the car insurance?"

"Don't worry, sweetheart, I contacted Ji. He is the mentor to the rangers." Dad says, "He offered to let you and the triplets stay at the Shiba house,"

"Won't that complicate things and be putting them in danger?"

"Tracy, don't worry, everything will be okay," Dad says.

"How long do I have to train until Master Xandred shows up?"

"It hard to say, honey, but you, me and the triplets need to leave as soon as possible," Dad says.

Great, so I'll have to worry about you figuring out how I'm going to learn how to be a samurai ranger, not to mention if Chris will even remember us once he wakes up. No pressure or anything. I'm starting to wish that I didn't go to the mall today.