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Chapter 7: Training Begins Part 1, - Symbol Power

Tracy's POV

Jayden, Ashley and I walk through the front gate. Ji and my dad walk up to us.

"Dr. Santiago called me and said that the puppy was from a puppy mill," Ji says.

"That's terrible," Dad says.

"I decided to call her Luna,"

"I think that name suits her," Ji says, as he reaches out his hand to pet her.

Luna jumps out of my arms and hides behind my legs.

"Sorry Ji, Luna just needs to know you." I apologize.

"You don't need to apologize; Luna just needs time to adjust to her new surroundings," Ji says.

"I helped Ji set up the recovery room for Luna," Dad says.

I turn around and pick up Luna. We walk into the house to go to the recovery room and I hear running footfalls as soon as I step through the doorway. Amelia and Angela stop in front of us. Luna jumps out of my arms and hides behind me again.

"Why did the puppy run away from us?" Amelia says.

"We wanted to pet it," Angela adds.

"Luna has had a rough life, you two. Some nice people from a shelter in Harwood county rescued her and several other dogs and a few puppies from a puppy mill." I explain.

"What if we help you take care of her?" The girls say.

"Dad, would that be okay with you?"

"They do need to learn responsibility, so it's okay with me," Dad says.

"Let's take Luna to the recovery room to get some rest,"

"Can I carry her?" Angela asks.

"Sorry, but Luna is too heavy for you. Angela better let me do it okay?"

Angela nods, and I pick Luna up again. We walk to the recovery room. After Ji opens the door, I go over to the dog bed and gently put Luna onto it.

"Tracy, while you are training, I'm going to take the triplets to the park," Dad says.

I turn around and start to walk over to everyone. I get about three or four steps away before Luna begins to whimper.

"Well, Tracy, it looks like Luna has already decided that you are her new family. She doesn't want you to leave her side." Ji says.

"Aw, but dad we were going to ask if we could take Luna home with us," Angelia and Amelia say.

"Sorry girls but Ji might be right," I say, "So, I guess I could move the bed outside so she can still see me while I'm training,"

Luna stops whimpering, and I turn around to pick up the bed then head outside. I put it down on the front porch in a beautiful spot where she could feel the sun hit her. I go back inside to get her food and water bowls. I put some puppy food and water into them. Then I help Jayden and Ji set up some easels. I turn mine away from Luna and the sun to keep the ice or snow I create with the symbol power from melting.

I wave goodbye to dad and the triplets as they walk out of the gate. Ji shows me a picture of the ice kanji. I start to have a flashback from when I was five.

I walk out to the shed with a glass of lemonade for Chris. I open the door and see him painting something on the easel. I go over to him and hand the lemonade to him.

"Thanks, Trac," Chris says.

"Whatcha' doing?"

"Working on my symbol power," Chris answers.

I look at the symbol and ask, "Was something supposed to happen when you finished painting it?"

"Yes, ice was supposed to fly off the paper," Chris says.

"Maybe you did something wrong. Can I try to paint it?"

"I guess so," Chris says.

He sets the cup down and flips over to a clean page. Then he moves out of the way, and I pick up the paintbrush. He teaches me how to make the symbol and when I paint the last stroke, we see a bunch of tiny pieces of ice fly off the page. Chris pulls me out of the way, so none of them hit me.

Back in reality, I pick up the brush and paint the symbol the same way Chris taught me that day. When I painted the last stroke this time, three giant balls of ice pop off the page, I jump to my right to dodge them.

"Wow, I'm impressed, but how did you know the correct order for the stroke?" Ji asks.

I tell him about the flashback I just experienced and how Chris and I were surprised that something happened the first time I made that symbol and yet nothing occurs whenever he practices it.

"Your mother was the last member of your family to be the silver ranger, right?" Jayden asks.

"Yes, but what does that have to do with me being able to activate the symbol power when I was five?"

"Maybe your brother didn't inherit the symbol power, and you did," Ji says.

"So, the symbol is gender specific,"

"It could be since is it passed down from parent to child. Maybe only the girls in your family can use the symbol power," Ji says.

"Maybe, so for now we should just keep working on my symbols,"

"Okay, but only for ten more minutes. You need to learn how to wield a sword as well," Ji says.