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Posted September 15th, 2019
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Chapter 9: Meeting another Ranger or a new crush

Tracy's POV

Ashley is about to put her hand on my shoulder. I push her away and go to the front gate. Luna walks up to me. I kneel down and pet her on the head. She follows me as I head into the forest.

I know I shouldn't run away, but I need some space.

I look down at Luna when we are halfway into the woods. She is panting due to all the walking we've been doing. I sit down on a stump and take out my morpher. I'm about to draw the snow symbol so Luna could eat it to get some water to rehydrate after our hike when a boy with short black hair pulling a fishing cart walks up to me. My heart starts to race as he gets closer to me.

Calm down, Tracy. It's only a boy - he is super cute and handsome.

"So, Bonita, does this cute puppy have a name?" The boy asks, looking over at me.

"Yes, her name is Luna. I'm Tracy," I say after swallowing the nervous lump in my throat.

"Hi Tracy I'm Antonio Garcia," Antonio says.

I watch him bend down to pet Luna. She is worn out from the hike, but I had a feeling she will try to hide from him. I smile when I see that Luna doesn't flinch. She wags her tail and even licks his fingers when he pulls his hand away.

"So, what are you two doing out here?" Antonio asks.

"I'm not sure if I should tell you this, but I'm training to be a samurai," I say.

"That is amazing, I'm not only a great fisherman but also a samurai myself," Antonio says.

"That's great! Maybe you can help me. I need a way to forget everything I learned from my ballet and acro dance classes to become a warrior,"

"Why would you think that you need to change who you are to become a samurai?" Antonio asks.

"It's the only way I can learn everything I need before Master Xandred attacks and the nighloks show up," I reply.

"All you need is someone who knows how to turn all your dance moves into a unique fighting style, that's all," Antonio says.

"Jayden, Ji and even my best friends Ashley said that same thing, but do you know someone who can teach me?" I ask.

"Yes, I do Bonita, I'd be happy to take you under my wing and teach you," Antonio says.

Then I hear Luna bark, telling me she is thirsty.

"Sorry about that girl," I apologize petting her on the head.

Antonio turns around and opens one of the lids on the cart. A squid flies out holding a water bottle. A few seconds later my leopard zord crawls out of my pocket and sits down on my shoulder. Antonio unhooks the lid and sets it on the ground. He takes the water bottle form the squid, open the water bottle and pours some into it.

"Thank you,"

"So, how did Luna get hurt?" Antonio asks.

I tell Antonio about how Luna found me and Luna's past (about her being born in a puppy mill in the next town over).

"That is amazing. So Luna is one tough pup," Antonio says.

"Yes, and I'm surprised that she let you pet her since she was rescued from the mill yesterday. When she didn't let Ji, Jayden, Ashley or even my younger siblings pet her." I reply.

"I guess Luna must think we might have something blooming between us," Antonio says in a flirty tone.

"What makes you think that?" I ask.

"My mom said that a dog can tell if a boy is good boyfriend material," Antonio says.

"No offense to your mom Antonio, but I think she can tell you're a kind, confident and caring person. So we have a few things in common,"

Then the wind starts to pick up, so some of my hair gets blown into my face. I reach up to fix it, and when I open my eyes, I see that Antonio's hand and mine are touching. Our eyes meet for the first time, romantically. The butterflies in my stomach start to flutter, I suddenly get a coppery taste in my mouth, and my cheeks begin to feel warm.

"Your eyes are amazing," I say in my cute voice.

"Thank you, Bonita, you're the first girl to say that, and I'd like to add that you have gorgeous blue eyes too," Antonio flirts back.

"Thank you, but could you move your hand?" I flirt back.

Antonio nods and picks up the lid then puts it back on the cart. The squid flies back over to it and goes inside. He closes the top. Then we hear a loud rumble of thunder and Luna jumps onto my lap and tucks her head underneath my shirt.

"We should head to my cousin Gracie's apartment, I know she won't mind if you ride out the storm," Antonio says.

I nod and pull Luna's head out from underneath my shirt. She lets Antonio pick her up. I stand up, he hands Luna back to me, and we head to his cousin's apartment.