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Chapter 10: Meeting Antonio's Family

Spanish words in the chapter

tu novia - your girlfriend

papá - dad

Tracy's POV

Antonio and I walk up to the entrance of the apartment complex. I set Luna down since my arms are getting tired. Another loud crackling sound startles her, and she runs up to the door. Once it opens I chase after her when Luna runs into to lobby. I look around and see there are too many places in the lobby that Luna could hide.

"Tracy, I'll help you find Luna," Antonio says.

"Thank you," I say.

Antonio and I split up to look for Luna. A few seconds later a man walks up to me.

"Hello, I'm Lupe Hahn, the landlord. I'm curious, was the scared puppy that ran into my office and jumped onto my desk chair, belong to you, young lady?" Mr. Hahn asks.

"Yes, Mr. Hahn, I just adopted her. I found out she was rescued from a puppy mill."

"That would explain why she didn't let me touch her," Mr. Hahn says.

Antonio walks up and says, "Hi, Mr. Hahn have you seen an adorable Shiba Inu puppy?"

"Yes, Antonio, I have. I'll take you to her," Mr. Hahn answers.

Mr. Hahn guides us to his office. As we enter the room, I hear Luna whimpers of fear as rain pounds against the window. I walk over to Mr. Hahn's desk since he told me she is hiding. I pull out the chair and kneel in front of it. Luna is curled up into a ball. She slowly lifts her head, and I smile at her. A few seconds later she quickly stands up and jumps into my arms when a tree branch tap against the window.

"It's okay Luna you're safe."

I use my elbow to push the chair back underneath the desk then walk over to Antonio and Mr. Hahn.

"Mr. Hahn is the complex pet-friendly?"

"Yes, it is. A few of the tenants have dogs." Mr. Hahn says.

A few moments later I feel my pocket vibrate, so I hand Luna to Antonio. I take out my phone to see that Dad is calling, and I answer it.

"Hi, dad, and don't worry Luna and I are fine. we're riding out the storm at a pet-friendly apartment complex,"

"Okay, sweetheart, come home as soon as the storm passes," Dad says.

"I will," I reply.

I hang up and put my phone back into my jacket pocket. I'm about to tell Antonio that he can give Luna back to me when I see Luna fast asleep in his arms. I let him carry her since I don't want to wake Luna up. We say goodbye to Mr. Hahn, and Antonio leads me to Gracie's apartment. When we arrive, I see a woman with medium length brown hair who is very tall standing next to a man who has the same appearance as Antonio, but a little taller. They are standing in front of the door. I guess they must have seen us walking up since they turn around to face us.

"Hello, son, is this beautiful young woman tu novia?" the man asks.

"No, papá." Antonio says, "Tracy and I just met."

I'm trying my best not to blush since Antonio's dad thought I was Antonio's girlfriend. Even though I think my heart is telling me that I'm ready to start dating again after what happened with Adolph Weller. I'm about to say something when I hear the door open.

"Hola, everyone, come on in," a girl says.

We turn to the right. I see a girl who looks to be two years older than me. She is wearing a tie-dyed shirt, a puffy skirt, leggings and ankle boots.

"Tracy, this is my cousin Gracie," Antonio says.

Gracie walks up to me and grabs my hand. She excitedly shakes my hand. I wince in pain as I start to lose feeling in my hand.

"Gracie, you can stop shaking Tracy's hand. It's turning blue," Antonio says.

Gracie lets go of my hand, and we walk into the apartment. Antonio lays Luna down on a dog that was next to the couch. Then we walk into the kitchen.

"So, Gracie, you have a dog?"

"Yes, I do, his name is Angelo," Gracie says.

Gracie calls the dog's name. A few seconds later a tricolor Coton De Tulear puppy runs into the room. Angelo jumps on me, and I fall to the floor. I use my right hand to break my fall, and I wince in pain when I land on the floor.

"Angelo, bad dog. Tracy, I'm so sorry about that. I just signed him up for a puppy training class, so he still learning that he's not supposed to jump on people," Gracie says quickly picking Angelo up off my chest.

"It's okay." I say as I push myself back up using my right hand, "I'm fine," I sit back down when a sudden rush of pain flows through my wrist.

"Here, let me help you," Antonio say holding out his left hand.

I put my left hand on his. I try not to blush as he helps me to my feet. I quickly take my hand away when I realize that I was holding his hand. I try to brush it off but couldn't think of anything.

"Tracy, your wrist is starting to swell," Mrs. Garcia says, "I'm a nurse. Is it alright if I take a look at it?"

I turn to face her and nod. Mrs. Garcia and I go over to the table. I sit down, and she asks me to make a fist. Then she places her left hand on my wrist. I sharply inhale as another wave of pain flows through it.

"Mom, is it broken?" Antonio asks.

"It doesn't feel broken. Tracy, could you straighten your finger for me?" Mrs. Garcia says.

I nod and slowly extend my fingers. I'm able to go out about halfway till I quickly bring them back in towards my hand.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Garcia, I can try again,"

"No, Tracy, it's fine. Also, you can call me Sonia. You have a sprained wrist, so try not to move it for the next 3-5 days." Sonia says.

Sonia lets go of my wrist. Mr. Garcia hands her the first aid kit and she wraps my wrist with a bandage.

Great now Antonio will have to come back to the Shiba house. I hope dad won't embarrass me.