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Chapter 13: Not So Good Walk Through The Park

Normal POV

A month goes by, and Fiarce is confident that his daughter is ready to fight master Xandred. He is sitting at the desk and hears his phone ring. He sees his wife's number on the screen when he picks it up.

"Hi, honey, is Chris coming home soon? You know that Tracy is worried about him," Fiarce says.

"I know Fiarce, but the doctors found a tumor on Chris's last CT scan," Ballade asks.

"Is it cancerous?" Fiarce asks.

"They did a biopsy, and it came back benign, and his surgery to remove it is on Friday," Ballade says.

"Should I tell Tracy?" Fiarce asks.

"Not yet. I called Derrial, and he will fly in to help take care of Chris while he is recovering, " Ballade says, "I'll be flying to Panorama city. We need to tell Tracy about why we didn't start to train her when we found out that she inherited the symbol power,"

They hang up, and Fiarce sets his phone back down on the desk. He puts his hands on his temples and rubs them while he is trying to process that Chris has a benign brain tumor. Meanwhile, Luna wakes Tracy up to take her for her morning walk. They walk into the park. A lump starts to form in Tracy's throat when a boy, around 5'4'' with hazel eyes and brown hair and a girl around 5'8'' with green eyes and chestnut brown hair, walks up to her. Luna senses that Tracy doesn't want them to get too close to her, so she stands in front of Tracy's feet. These people are Tracy's ex, Adolph, and his girlfriend, Antoinette Corielli.

"Tracy, did you move out here?" Adolph asks.

"It is nice to see you again," Antoinette adds.

Tracy swallows the lump and takes a deep breath to calm herself down before she says, "No, one of my mom's friends called and asked if I can come out here to help with his service project. So, what are you two doing here?"

"We are just visiting to spend more time together before we go off to college," Antoinette says.

A wave of anger and shock rushes through Tracy's body when she hears Adolph ask, "Tracy, do you think we can be friends?" Tears begin to form in Tracy's eyes when she says, "Adolph your name may mean noble wolf, but you're nothing but a devil in disguise. There is no way I could even be friends with an insensitive pig-headed jerk like you,"

"What do you mean saying that Adolph is an insensitive and pig-headed jerk?" Antoinette asks.

Tracy couldn't hold back her tears anymore when she says, "Antoniette I'd hate to see you two break up after I answer your question, but you need to hear this." Tracy wipes her tears away the best she can, but it is no use. They keep escaping from her eyes. She explains that she was completely honest with Adolph and opened up to him. The only thing he did was fake a smile and spat out a few compliments that he didn't mean. Tracy lets out another shaky sigh when she reminds Adolph that he asked her to Prom, giving her the ticket. The night of the dance she finished getting ready and was sitting in her room waiting for him pick her up. He texted her and Tracy hiccups as she recites the message, "Tracy thanks for doing such a good job pretending to like me. You made Antoinette Corielli so jealous that she admitted that she liked me and asked me out. So, I'm taking her to prom instead of you. Also, we don't have to hang out anymore.'

Tracy drops Luna's leash and runs away. She didn't want to see through her tears what would happen next with Adolph and Antoinette. Luna picks up the leach and runs after her. Her vision is fuzzy from her tears, so she doesn't see Antonio walking down the path. She bumps into him and starts to fall to the ground. Antonio lets go of his fishing cart and takes hold of her wrist to save her from falling. He gently pulls her towards him. After Tracy is back on her feet, she looks up and sees Antonio untie his scarf as he uses it to dry her eyes. He puts it in his pocket. He hands her a bottle of water, and Tracy nods to thank him and drinks about half of it before putting the lid back on.

"Tracy, why were you crying?" Antonio asks as he lets go of her wrist.

"I ran into my old boyfriend from high school, and he asked me if we could be friends," Tracy says.

They walk over to a log and sit down. Tracy smiles when she sees Luna run up and sit down in between her and Antonio's feet.

"Tracy, if you don't want to talk about the details, it's okay," Antonio says.

"Thank you," Tracy says placing her head on his chest.

Antonio is in shock when she suddenly hugs him. He recovers quickly and hugs her back. They sit like that for a few minutes before Tracy lifts her head and backs away.

"We should head back to the house, so we aren't late for training," Tracy says.

Antonio nods and they stand up and head back to the house. On the way, Tracy summons up the courage and wraps her left hand around his right arm. Antonio stops and looks over at her. She turns her head, and their eyes meet. They smile at each other and let the moment play out till Luna barks, bringing them back to reality.

"I guess you want to hold my hand?" Antonio asks.

"Yes," Tracy answers.

She lets go of his arm and slowly moves her hand down, so it is a few inches away from his. Antonio turns his right hand up towards Tracy's. Tracy feels her heart race as she puts her hand on top of Antonio's. Antonio laces his fingers in between hers. Tracy is amazed by how perfectly their hands fit together. Before they continue walking down the path, Tracy sets her head on Antonio's shoulder. He looks down at her.

"Sorry, Antonio, I guess I'm getting too bold," Tracy says.

"You don't have to apologize. But, what would someone, by that I mean your father, think we're dating if we walk through the front gate like this?" Antonio says.