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Chapter 14: A Father's Disappraval
Normal POV

Fiacre is sitting on the bench on the porch waiting for Tracy to come home. After the front gate opens, he feels his blood start to boil when seeing his daughter holding Antonio's hand and rest her head on his shoulder as they walk through.

I'm going to make sure this relationship doesn't start. I don't want my daughter's heart to get broken again. Fiacre thinks.

The loving father takes a few deep breaths to calm himself down before standing up and walking over to his daughter and Antonio. Tracy lets go of Antonio's hand and takes her head off of his shoulder as he approaches them.

"Tracy Anne, are you and Antonio dating?" Fiacre asks.

"No, dad we aren't. I'm hoping we will become a couple someday," Tracy answers.

"Tracy, I'm afraid the two of you will never become a couple," Fiacre says.

"Why can't we become a couple?" Tracy asks.

"If you and Antonio start dating, mistakes could be made on the battlefield if you two let your feelings for each other take over," Fiacre answers.

"Dad, Antonio and I have been training together for a month. We've had no problem acting professional," Tracy says, "Also, Ji is okay with us becoming a couple,"

"I don't care if Ji is okay with it. I'm your father. So, you two are not going to date," Fiacre snaps.

Antonio looks over at Tracy and sees tears forming in her eyes. Tracy drops Luna's leash and says "Dad, I hate you." before she runs into the house. She runs to her and Ashley's room. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the triplets are helping Ji doing the dishes. The Burlew siblings jump when they hear their old sister slam the bedroom door shut.

"Ji, why is Tracy upset?" Aaron asks.

"I'm not sure Aaron," Ji answers.

Back with Tracy, she leans her back up against the bedroom door. Then slowly slides down and sits on the floor. She pulls her knees to her chest and continues to cry. When she hears the faint clicking sound as Luna runs down the hall, so she slowly reaches her left hand up to open the door to let the puppy in the room. Luna puts her front paws on Tracy's knees and licks her face to dry the tears from Tracy's cheek.

"Thank you, Luna, but I wish dad would stop being so suborned. We've been living in the Shiba house for a month and refused to get to know Antonio." Tracy says petting Luna on the head.

Tracy's POV

I have a hunch that Antonio will be showing up soon since he wants to make sure I'm okay. Once I stop crying, I unclip the leash from Luna's collar before I stand up. Luna follows me over to the desk. I set it down, and use a couple of tissues to clean myself up. A few seconds later I hear a knock at the door.

"Tracy, can I come in?" Antonio asks.

"Sure, Antonio," I answer.

I look over towards the door and smile seeing him walk over to me. He stops so we are about a shoulder's length apart from each other.

"Antonio, I'm sorry about my father,"

"It's okay. Your father is upset about you dating again I guessing that Adolph didn't treat you with respect and hurt you." Antonio says.

"You've got that right. Adolph is nothing but an insensitive, and pig-headed jerk. He only asked me out to make me out to make another girl Antoinette jealous enough to ask him out. What hurt me, even more, is that Adolph believed that would pretend to have feelings form him."

Antonio moves closer and places his hand on my cheek. I feel my heart begin to race as he leans in and his lips were a few inches from touching mine.

Is he going to kiss me? Am I finally going to have my first kiss?

I see Antonio moves his lips away from mine and kiss me on the cheek.

"Your father shouldn't ban you from dating. You didn't do anything wrong. It was Adolph. He never learned that any girl's feelings are important, they are humans too and are not some pawn in the game of love, and her heart isn't a yo-yo." Antonio says.

He starts to walk away. I grab his wrist and turn back around.

I know my father doesn't want us to be together, but I have to follow my heart.

I pull him back in towards me then quickly kiss him on the lips. I walk back towards my bed and nervously wait for Antonio's response. My heart is beating so fast I'm nervous it may jump right out of my chest. As Antonio walks over, I lean back and begin to fall onto the bed. He grabs my hand and pulls me back onto my feet.

"Thanks for the save, and Antonio am sorry about the kiss. I wanted to see..." I say getting cut off as Antonio kisses me back.

Antonio backs away, and all I can do is smile.

"So, does this mean we're going to work together to show my dad that we can date and still be rangers at the same time?"

"Yes," Antonio answers.

Normal POV

Tracy, Antonio, and Luna go to the kitchen. Ji and the Triplets just finished putting the dishes away. Amelia turns around and sees a big smile still plastered on her big sister's face.

"Tracy, did you and Antonio kiss?" Amelia asks.

"Amelia, why would you think that?" Tracy answers.

"Becuase you are smiling a lot," Amelia says.

"Yeah, mom said girls do that a lot after their first kiss," Angela adds.

"Ew, stop talking about that gross stuff," Aaron complains.

"Calm down you three, trust me someday you'll start dating, and you'll have to deal with mom and dad reactions," Tracy says.

"When we dad, let me and Angelia date?" Amelia asks.

"Yeah, I want a boyfriend," Angela says.

"Not me, I'm never going to have a girlfriend. Girls will always have cooties," Arron says.

"Girls, dad probably won't let you start dating till you're 17," Tracy says.

"Why do we have to wait so long," Angela and Amelia complain.

Tracy lets go of Antonio's hand and walks over to her little brother. Then she ruffles his hair and says, "Arron, believe me, one day you'll meet a pretty girl, and also cooties aren't real,"