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Chapter 17: Lunch with a soon-to-be enemy

Deker's POV

I lay the silver ranger back down and walk around to look at the ice blocks she created. I see piles of thin ice shavings on the ground where the blocks once were.

Well, it looks like I found a worthy opponent for Uramasa sooner than I expected.

I turn my attention back to her once I hear a rumble of thunder. I run over to her, pick up the silver ranger's sword and manage to put inside my carrier next to my trusty sword, Uramasa. Then hear her let out a low moan as I pick her up. I cradle her in my arms as I head towards the cave.

Normal POV

The Burlew family and Antonio look around the room, and everyone starts to get worried when Tracy is nowhere in site.

"Mom, where did Tracy go?" Aaron asks.

"I'm not sure, but we need to find her," Ballade says.

"Mom, why did Tracy run away?" Amelia asks.

"She was upset about hearing the news about your brother, that's all," Ballade answers.

The triplets jump again and scream when another loud rumble of thunder echoes through the sky. Amelia runs over to her father and hugs his leg. Arron goes to his mother and gives her a bear hug. Antonio lets out a soft chuckle when he looks down to see Angela's eye asking him to protect her from the storm that is beginning to roll in. A few seconds later she jumps into his arms when the sound of lightning crackling in the sky startles the already scared child. Antonio wraps his arms around her. His heart is breaking since she is shaking like a leaf as he brings her in towards his chest, hoping the sound of his heartbeat will calm her down. Angela's reactions to the storm rolling in reminded him of his cousin Sofia. She and the triplets share the same fear.

"Antonio, you'll protect me from the storm monsters, right?" Angela asks.

"You bet Angela," Antonio says.

Deker's POV

I have enough time to make a bed from twigs and gathered water from the lake as well as some things for that burnt down cabin in the forest before the rain come down like a waterfall. I found some wood to make a fire after it was roaring. I go over to the silver ranger. The damp rag I put on her forehead sides off and lands in her lap when she quickly sits up. I'm about to place my hand on her chest to lay her back down. She smacks my hand away.

"Wow, you may be exhausted, but your reflexes are still sharp," I say, rubbing the back of my hand.

"Thanks for the compliment, I guess, and for your help, but I need to get back," she groans.

I watch her arms shake as they struggle to hold her weight. She gets her body a few inches off the ground before her arms give out and she faints.

Where did you acquire this stubbornness?

I put a new cloth on her forehead then walk over to the cave entrance and watch the storm.

Normal POV

The triplets calmed down enough that they fell asleep in the arms of their 'storm monster' guardian. Antonio and Tracy's parents walk to the triplets' room so they could rest in their beds. After they leave the room, the group goes to the kitchen.

"Antonio, that song you sang to Angela was beautiful," Ballade says.

"Thank you; it was a song my aunt Micaela sang to Sofia," Antonio says.

"I'm guessing Sofia, and the triplets both share a fear of storms," Ballade says.

"Yes," Antonio says, "Now that the triplets have calmed down. I'll go look for Tracy," Antonio continues.

"Antonio, I appreciate your concern for Tracy, but it's too dangerous to go searching for her right now," Ballade says.

"My wife is correct, Antonio, you can go look for her once the storm lets up," Fiarce says.

Tracy's POV

My eyes dart open as I sit up. I'm happy. This time when I try to move, my arms aren't shaking. I turn to my left to see Deker making stew.

"Good, you're finally awake," Deker says looking up from the pot.

"The smell of that stew is what woke me up,"

"I don't mind sharing. You need to eat to replenish your strength after using all that symbol power making those ice blocks in that clearing," Deker says.

"I know politeness is a part of the samurai code, but aren't we supposed to be enemies?"

"The war hasn't begun yet," Deker says, "So, for now, I'm free to do what I think is right." Deker continues, handing me a bowl and spoon.

I'm hesitant to take it from him, but the loud growling sound echoes off the cave walls. I blush from embarrassment and wipe the drool from my lips. Deker chuckles as I quickly snatch the bowl and start eating. When I finish eating, I give everything back to him.

"Thank you," I say as I start to stand up.

"You might want to wait a little longer," Deker says.

"What do you mean?"

I walk up to the cave entrance and squint when some rain hits me in the eye. I stumble back and manage to do a back walkover and seamlessly transition into a handspring to keep the head from hitting the cave floor. I dry my eyes and turn around to see a look of shock on Deker's face.

"What's wrong?"

"Where did you learn how to do that?" He answers.

"My Acro dance class,"

"It that where you learned how to move that gracefully?" Deker asks.

"I'd like to think it was my ballet class. Although, both of my teachers did say I have a lot of natural talent," I say

I walk over to the bed. I feel my anxiety level skyrocket when I don't see my sword, so I spin around to face Deker.

"Where is my sword?"

Deker takes my spin sword out of a holder where he keeps his sword. He hands it to me.

"How did you find me?"

"I heard your screams as you unleashed all the emotions you had built up over something that upset you," Deker says, "Why were you upset?" Deker asks.

"Before I came here my older brother was in a car accident. The doctors put him in a medically induced coma." I say letting out a shaky breath, "I've been waiting an entire month to get an update on his condition" I growl as a small wave of anger flows over me. I turn back around and start to slash the wall near me before I continue. "Then my mom shows up to finally tell me some news." I continue before I slash the wall again, "Instead of telling me that he is back home resting, she says that the doctors found a tumor on his brain,"

Deker's POV

The silver ranger walks back towards the entrance to the cave. I see tears starting to form in her eyes. I try to stop her from running off into the rain by grabbing her wrist. She turns around and kicks me in the stomach. I quickly drop to my knees. She slides her hand free from my grip and sprints off into the rain.