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I love riding Pokemon, all pokemon following you unlike in previous games where it was only certain Pokemon in a closed course.

I think this is closest to Mega Latios in ORAS.

I also love shinies in the overworld.

That being said I hate the fact the game is like Pokemon Go which in turn was based on the old Safari zone, where you can only throw a ball or a berry then the Pokemon can flee.
I don’t really mind the catching mechanics or the not battling wild Pokemon, but the fleeing part kills shiny hunting for me. Even the catch combo, you have to be lucky enough for a Pokemon to not flee on you after a chain of 25.

Also the overworld sprites are kind of annoying since they walk into you. When I was deciding on a fossil I had to dodge Pokemon running into me.

I wasn’t planning to get it but changed my mind at the last second plus Black Friday deals heloed.