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Chapter 19: The Truth about the Ice Symbol

Tracy's POV

Antonio, Jayden, Ashley, Ji and my little sisters are standing a safe distance away from me. While I stand in front of the big rock at the other training area, I take out my samuraizer and draw the ice symbol to activate it. I smile when I se the stone encased in ice when it hits it. A few seconds later, I hear running footsteps as I see Amelia run up to me.

"Can I try?" Amelia asks.

"I don't know, Amelia," I reply reluctantly.

"Why not?" Amelia asks.

"Because Amelia, you and Angelia have been told several times that my samuraizer isn't a toy," I answer.

"But, Trac, it wouldn't hurt to let her try this one time," Ashley says, walking up, "What's the worst that can happen?" Ashley asks.

"Fine, but this is the only time," I sigh.

I give my samuraizer to Amelia. I watch her draw the snow symbol correctly. When she activates it, three snowballs bounce back as they hit the frozen rock. They hit me in the chest and knock me to the ground.

"Sorry, Tracy," Amelia says.

"It's okay," I say, as I get to my feet.

Then I see Angela run up and tries to take my samuraizer from Amelia.

"It's my turn," Angela says.

"No, it's not," Amelia argues.

"Yes, it is," Angela says.

Then they start to fight over my Samuraizer like it is their favorite toy. I take it away to stop their argument.

"Angela, why do you want to try?" I ask.

"Because mom said that our family symbol power is being passed down from generation to generation and we are in the same generation. Would that mean I can use the power too?" Angela says.

"Not necessarily, but if you want to try, I'll let you. But, if mom finds out this wasn't my idea,"

Angela nods. I sigh again as I give it to her. Amelia, Ashley and I go over to the others as Angela stands in front of the rock. She draws the snow symbol, and five bigger snowballs appear when she activates it. Three bounce back and hit me in the shoulder. I close my eyes as the last two come toward my face. I slowly open them. I hear a splashing sound and look to my right.

"Thanks, Jayden,"

"No problem," Jayden says.

"Tracy, how old were you when your first tried painting the ice symbol?" Ji asks.

"I was five. Why?" I reply.

Ballade's POV

I gasp when I see what Amelia just did, so I run back to the house. I burst into the kitchen.

"Fiarce, we have to tell Tracy the truth about why she, Amelia and Angela can use our family's symbol power," I say, out of breath.

Fiarce walks over to me with a glass of water and asks, "Ballade, honey, what did you see when Tracy was training today?"

I take the glass and take a few sips, "Tracy let Angela and Amelia draw some power symbols, and the same thing happened when Chris let Tracy draw the ice when she was five."

"It could have been a fluke," Fiarce says.

"No, it wasn't Fiarce. The girls are the same age that Tracy was when she first discovered that she could use the family symbol." I sigh, "We need to tell Tracy and the girls the truth."

"Are you sure that Angela and Amelia are old enough to fully understand why only the woman in our family inherited the symbol power?" Fiarce says.

"Even if they don't, the girls deserve to know," I say, "We'll tell them when they come back inside,"

Tracy's POV

I'm still in shock about what just happened. Amelia and Angela created even more snow than the first time I tried using that symbol. I hope mom and dad will explain why only we can use it, and Chris can't. We go back to the house for the next part of my morning training to work on my swordsmanship. I let Angela and Amelia do it too since I had a feeling that they would beg or use their cute face until I gave in, so I just told them that they could train with me. I have to admit it did make it a little more fun. It was like we were doing the training montage from the first part from Mulan 2 when she was teaching the kids from her village how to be tough and gentle.

"Tracy, I think you and Jayden should spar again so you can see how far you've come in the past month," Ji says.

I nod, the girls walk over to Antonio. They stand on either side of him. I take a few steps back and get into my ready position, as Jayden walks up onto the platform. We wait for Ji to tell us we can start.

Ballade's POV

My husband and I walk outside to see Tracy and Jayden are about to spar. We sit down on the bench on the porch to watch the match.

"Begin," Ji says.

When Jayden moves in to attack, she makes a "v" with her feet and brings her right hand in towards her, so both of her hands are on the handle. She blocks it and does a Foruette Turn. Jayden jumps to his right to avoid Tracy's left leg as it swings at his hip. We smile as Tracy does an aerial to get in front of Jayden again. When she brings her right hand up, it knocks Jayden's sword out of his hand. Then she swings her left foot behind his right legs and lightly kicks him on the shin. He flips into the air and lands on his back. Tracy sets her sword next to her on the platform and kneels in front of him.

"Sorry, Jayden, are you okay? I wasn't trying to hit you that hard- honest," Tracy apologizes as she helps him up.

"I'm okay but was that a new move? You have done that before," Jayden says.

"Yes, that was asombroso. When did you come up with it?" Antonio says.

"Sissy, what's asombroso mean?" Amelia asks.

"It means amazing," Tracy says. "Thanks for the kinds words Antonio, and I just improvised it,"

"Tracy, your father and I need to talk you and your sisters about a family matter," I say.

Everyone turns to face us, and I see the scared look on Tracy's face. She slowly picks up her sword and gives it to Jayden. Amelia and Angela give their swords to Antonio. Then the girls walk over to us, and we go inside to the living room. The girls sit down, and we stand in front of the coffee table. The girls are confused about seeing the two small boxes on top of it. The leopard zord is folded up in between them.

"Mom, what's with the boxes?" Amelia asks.

"Yeah, the triplets birthday isn't till next month," Tracy says.

"The boxes aren't birthday gifts," I say.

"So can we open them?" Angela and Amelia ask.

"In a bit, girls, for now, your father and I feel it is time to tell you, girls, why only you three can use our family's symbol power."

"Is it just because we are girls?" Tracy asks.

"No, Tracy, we didn't want to believe that our family's power was gender specific. When Chris was born, we believed he inherited it since he was the first born child," I say.

"So, when he was five we started to train him," Fiarce continues, "But nothing happened when he practiced it,"

"We thought that he wasn't ready, so your father and I stopped his training. We started it up again when he was a little older," I say.

"When he still couldn't make anything happened we got worried," Fiarce adds.

"So, when I was born you got scared that I was the one who inherited it," Tracy says.

"Yes, sweetheart, but we had to wait till you were old enough to see if you did," I say.

"So, that day Chris told you that I made ice appear, you decided to keep it a secret from me and not have me train." Tracy snaps as she quickly stands up.

"Sweetheart, I didn't want to put my baby girl in harm's way," Fiarce says.

"So, to keep me safe, you and mom decided to keep this a secret from me for thirteen years." Tracy snaps as a few tears begin to form in her eyes, "You told me that family doesn't keep secrets from each other. So, was that a lie?"

I watch the tears roll down Tracy's face as she continues, "What kind of lesson were you and dad trying to teach? That to keep something a secret is more important than someone's safety?"

I walk over to her and try to get her to calm down. Once she calms down, I dry the tears from her eyes and kiss Tracy's forehead.

"Tracy, honey," I say, "You have every right to be upset with us. Your father and I shouldn't have kept this a secret from you for as long as we did,"

"Sweetheart, your mother and I will never keep a secret from any of you ever again," Fiarce says as he walks over and hugs her.

Tracy walks back over and sits down in between Angela and Amelia.

"Can we open the boxes now?" Angela asks.

"Please," Amelia adds.