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Chapter 20: Meeting Shiba Family Members Part 1

Normal POV

Amelia and Angela happily untie the ribbons on their boxes and rip off the paper. Tracy's eyes widen in shock, watching her younger siblings take a samuraizer out of them. She's dumbfounded that her parents would even entertain the fact of allowing two kindergartners to fight Master Xandred and his nighlok army. The girls happily jump off their chairs. They go over to their parents and give them a bear hug. Tracy doesn't want to hear an explanation of her younger sister's powers. She gets up from her chair and starts to leave the room.

"Sweetheart, where are you going?" Fiarce asks.

"For a walk. I have a hunch that no matter what my feelings about this idea or my opinion will get you to change your mind," Tracy replies.

Tracy didn't allow either of her parents to say a word. Amelia turns around and watches her older sister walking out of the room.

"Did we do something wrong?" Amelia asks.

"No, sweetie, your sister needs some space," Ballade says.

"Your mother and I still have to explain why we gave you two those samuraizers," Fiarce adds.

Angela turns around and runs after Tracy. Fiarce tries to stop her but is unable to catch up with his daughter. After catching his breath, he goes back to the living room.

"You weren't able to catch her, were you?" Ballade sighs, seeing her husband return with Angela.

"No, she must have gotten her speed from your side of the family," Fiarce says.

"Angela won't follow Tracy, will she?" Amelia asks.

"If she did I'm sure Tracy will stop her before she makes it out of the house," Ballade says.

"So, Angela and I will be the silver ranger too?" Amelia asks.

"Yes, sweetie, but you and Angela's ranger powers have limitations," Ballade replies.

"Limitations, what does that mean?" Amelia asks looking are her parents lightly confused.

"It means you have specific rules for you and Angel's powers," Ballade says.

"What are the rules?" Amelia asks.

"You and Angela can only morph three times a week," Ballade says.

"Both of you can use symbol power alone, but your powers will work better together," Fiarce adds.

"Why do we have to be together?" Amelia asks.

"Because each of you only inherited half of the family symbol power," Ballade explains.

Tracy's POV

I walk past the kitchen and am about to go out the back when I hear running footsteps and turn around to see Angela sprinting down the hall. I pick her up to prevent her from colliding into me.

"You know the rules, no running in the house," I say as I put her down on the floor in front of me.

"Do you hate me because I'm going to be a ranger like you?" Angela asks.

"No, of course not, I don't want you and Amelia to have to fight in this war. So, I'm going to figure out how to stop it from starting." I reply.

"Can I come with you," Angela asks.

"No, this is something I have to do by myself," I say.

I walk away as fast as I can to the back exit. I know that I need to go back to the clearing where I first ran into Deker, so I can safely release my pent-up anger without hurting anyone. I sprint down the path and reach it. I walk to the center and take out my morpher. After drawing the blizzard symbol, I activate it, and a massive snowstorm appears. I must be angrier than I thought because it was so strong, a mighty wind whips through making small snow tornadoes.

I use my left hand to block some of the snow from flying into my eyes. I look towards the path, and my heart starts to race when I see Angela running up. A large tree branch breaks off due to the snow piled on top of it and falls towards her. I had to save her no matter what since I know mom and dad would be mad at me. I quickly draw one more symbol. An igloo appears around her. I barely hear a crashing sound when it falls on the ground. My vision begins to get blurry. I must have used all the power I had left to protect my little sister. Then everything quickly fades to black.

Lauren's POV

My mentor, Francesca, mom, and I are taking a short break from my training to master the sealing symbol. We go for a walk and look up to see a snowstorm off in the distance.

"Do you think Ballade's daughter made that?" Francesca asks.

"Yes, Francesca, I did get a letter from Daisuke. He said that she and her younger siblings would be staying at the Shiba house," Mom says.

"Do you think she might need our help?" I ask.

"We should investigate to be on the safe side," Mom says.

We run towards it and arrive. Luckily for us, the storm faded. We see an unconscious young woman lying in the middle of the clearing buried in a small pile of snow. Mom and Francesca gasp as we continue to look around and see an igloo on the path on the other side of the clearing.

Isabella's aka Lauren's mom POV

"Lauren, Francesca and I will go see who is inside that igloo. You go help the woman trapped underneath that snow pile," I say.

Francesca and I run over to the igloo. A five-year-old girl crawls out of it. She turns around and gasps, seeing a huge tree branch on the ground next to it. The child spins around on her heels and runs towards us. I pick her up since she is close enough to us.

"Slow down sweetie. What's your name?" I ask.

"Angela, can you put me down, please? I have to help my big sister," Angela says.

"Don't worry about your sister. My daughter is helping her," I say reassuringly.

"So, what is your sister's name?" Francesca asks.

"Tracy," Angela answers.

I see a smaller version of the morpher on the ground next to Angela.

"How did you get this?" I ask, picking it up.

"My mom and dad gave it to me today," Angela says.

"Why did they give it to you?" Francesca asks.

"Because my other sister Amelia and I inherited our family's symbol power," Angela says.

I hand it back to her, and we walk back over to Lauren.