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Chapter 23: Meeting Shiba Family Members Part 4
Normal POV

Tracy starts to get worried since Lauren and Angela haven't returned. A few seconds later, she jumps when her Samuraizer rings. After her heart rate returns to normal as it can be since she is anxious about her little sister's safety as she slowly puts it up to her ear.

"Tracy, the nighloks started to invade there is an attack at Spring Valley. Jayden, Ashley, and Antonio will need your help," Ji says.

Tracy's heart is about to leap out of her chest as her anxiety turns to pure fear as she prays the Angela and Lauren are not in the middle of the attack. She tries to remain as calm as she can as she tells him that she's on her way. They hang up, and Isabella watches Tracy's hand is shaking like a leaf as she gets ready to morph for the first time. Isabella places her hand on top of Tracy's, and the silver ranger looks over at her.

"You're having doubts about whether you're ready to this right?" Isabella asks.

"Yes, and no offense but I'm not sure if there is anything you can say to help me since you haven't seen me train," Tracy says.

"I may not have seen you train, but I know you're ready. You were exhausted, and you still made that igloo to save your sister. Plus, it didn't crumble when a huge tree branch dropped on it. That proves how strong your symbol power is even when you don't have much left. You have to believe in yourself," Isabella says.

Tracy nods and Isabella moves her hand away as Tracy takes a few steps back from the entrance to the cave.

"Go, Go, Samurai!" Tracy shouts.

After she morphed, Tracy runs out and draws another symbol then her horse appears. The silver Ranger gets onto it and rides off. Two minutes later, she catches up with the others.

"Tracy, where were you," Ashley says.

"Yeah, we were starting to get worried," Antonio says.

"I meet Jayden's sister and his mom too," Tracy says.

"What," Ashley and Antonio gasp.

Meanwhile, Lauren back over to the lake and charges at the nighlok. It blocks her attack then kicks her. Lauren flies back into a tree. She lands on the ground demorphed and lifts her head to see the nighlok walking up to her.

"That little girl can't be the head of the Ice Shiba family, where is she?" the nighlok says.

"Why do you need to know?" Lauren asks.

"The fire Shiba family isn't only one with a sealing power," the nighlok says.

Lauren stands up and quickly morphs. Then picks up her sword and is about to spin the power disc.

"Blazing Strike," Jayden shouts.

A wave of flames flies over to the nighlok. It flies towards the lake and lands in it. Jayden and the others ride up to her. As Jayden gets off his horse, the other rangers are in shock as they watch Jayden and Lauren suddenly demorph.

"That proves to of the same ranger power can't be on the field at once," Tracy says.

"Look, we still have to deal with the nighlok," Jayden says. "I'll explain everything when we get back to the house," Jayden continues.

The group turns around to see an army of Moogers headed towards them. A few seconds later, Angela leaves her hiding spot and runs over to them.

"Angela, get out of here," Tracy shouts as she takes out a few moogers.

The nighlok sprints up, and Angela screams as it snatches her up. Then Tracy sees tears begin to form in little sister's eyes as the nighlok hovers its sword a few inches away from Angela's neck.

"Put, the girl down nighlok," Tracy demands.

"Not until you give me what I want Silver Ranger," the nighlok says."Give me the ice Shiba family sealing power or this little one will meet her end," the nighlok continues as it raises its sword about to slash Angela's throat.

"Hydro bow," a voice shouts.

They see the blue ranger running up holding his weapon in hands. Then he realizes the string and a blue blur fly over to the nighlok. It is sent flying back into the lake again. Antonio uses his super speed and zips over to Angela. He jumps into the air and catches her in his arms. The kindergartner warps her arms around his neck and starts crying. The other watch the nighlok get out of the water and watch as cracks being to form on its skin.

"You got lucky rangers, I'm drying you, but I'll be back," The nighlok says as it sneaks into a gap.

Tracy and Ashley demorph, then the group runs over to Antonio just the blue ranger comes over as well. Antonio carefully stands up and hands Angela to Tracy. Then he demorphs as well.

"So, what's your name?" Ashley asks.

The blue ranger demorphs and the young man holds out his hand, "I'm Kevin, it's nice to meet all of you, but I didn't know there is a gold ranger. I read the archives several times, and there is no reference to one."

"Yeah, I trained myself to be a samurai, and I built my morpher," Antonio says as he shakes Kevin's hand.

"Thank you for helping my sister, I owe you one," Tracy says.

"You're welcome, but why is she out here?" Kevin asks.

"I'll explain later," Tracy replies.

"I'd like to know how you got your morpher?" Ashley asks.

"How about we head back to the Shiba house," Jayden suggests.

"Good idea, it's a much safer place to talk than here," Tracy says.

The entire walk back to the Shiba house, all Tracy could think about was how she failed as the Silver ranger as well as a big sister. Angela could be dead or seriously injured if Kevin didn't show up when he did. Also, she was curious if what the nighlok said was true about her Shiba family having a sealing power.