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So been thinking about another sort silly dumb thing we could try to help jam so fun stuff, and I think the following will suffice.

So the object of this terrible game is to rapid fire through reasons why someone should read a story. Doesnt' have to be written already, just actually thought out or conceptualized enough so you can post about 10 or more entries in it. But Vragon, you only are saying that because you're doing one that isn't written yet!

So, for PMD the series 4 Against the World,
we've got!
Skyscrappers dominoes
Ice Slide diving attacks
Dark Celebi 2: Metroid Prime
Fighting Yveltal while falling down a space elevator
Helicopters and guns
Boys with swords
Girl who's too good at math
Water Pledge, Unironically
Train derail
Stealth missions
Rouge of the trio
Infighting and betrayal
Wait, this isn't Midgar
To many slapstick jokes
Perry being too cuddly
Self-unpacking Scythe
Modern entertainment

Night vision goggles
slice and dice robots
Prince Zuko if he was the main character!
Hot lava industries
Fabulous Lady Leader
Hiding out in a skyscraper during the cold
hunting for canned food
Pokemon used as guard dogs
Perry's first experience in a ball
Declan getting injured too many times
Phillis doing the "Crazy plans"
Screaming into the microphone
Too much littering
Bosses you'd see in a Metroid game
evil advisers
Cool assault helmet and vestments

One step closer to lightsabers
Belly Flopping something bigger
Sad cuz your siblings died
Broken stain glass windows
Creepy crawlies
Your Halloween scare
Riddles by the fire
setting things on fire
"I can't find my glasses!"
Posing as a pokemon...that doesn't talk
slicity sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
dicidy diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
stabby stab stab stab stab!

Crying Otters
Electric collars

roller skates exceeding 50 miles per hour
Threatening a vending machine
G force in your face

Drones by the dozen
and Actual Krispy Donuts

Go wild, be creative, and most of all have fun!

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