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Soooo I meant to reply to this thread for a long while, but err I kept getting no energy whenever I get to this.

But yeah, if I were to advertise Foul Play, it has~

-Two depressed cat-loving, dark-type experts

-Gambling (for those that missed the Game Corner)

-Kukui's ever loving move puns

-Friendly spirits (or not so friendly spirits...)

-A Mimikyu that likes to wreck havoc

-Ya boy, Guzma

-Also edgy boy Gladion I guess

-Charjabugs that like to eat anything including clothing

-Mega Evoluiton and Ultra Beast battles

-Downtime with food. Lots and lots of food

-Bitter exes and maybe some blossoming romance

-And lastly, TOURISM
Miles Edgeworth
Foul Play [On Hiatus]