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    At a time when they would normally be sleeping, the father and son team were awake, along with their assistants Tripp and Mercer. “I’m sorry, sir,” Tripp said nervously. “I just got off the phone with all of our men, and none of them reported seeing those agents or their car at any of the town’s hotels.”

    Tobias Bartles smiled. “Oh, well, you tried your best. Nothing we can do now except try again.” Without warning, he grabbed Tripp’s head and snapped it back violently. Red, meanwhile, began punching the man in the stomach.

    Tobias put his face right in front of his assistant’s, grinding his teeth and snarling like a vicious dog. “And if you don’t get me results this time, I can guarantee you that your death will be very slow and very, VERY painful. You had better make sure that those agents do not make it to Celadon, as if your life depended on it. Because it does.” With that, the elder Bartles released his grip, shoving the man’s head forward. Red delivered one more punch to Tripp’s belly, knocking him to the floor.

    “No, I’m not done with you yet,” came Red’s mechanical droning. “It’s about time you learn that failure is no longer an option. We’ve given you several chances, and so far you haven’t proven to be worth **** to us.” The young man grabbed his father’s revolver. Tripp began looking on and trembling in fear. Red pistol-whipped him a dozen more times. During this beating, Tobias continued to yell at him.

    “Do you know why I hired you? It wasn’t for your dashing good looks, and it sure as hell wasn’t for your secretarial skills. No, I pay you six goddamn figures a year for you to solve problems for me. So, since you seem completely unable to solve this problem, why the hell should I continue to employ you?”

    With one final whack to the side of the head, Red finished his brutal, bloody assault. After a few minutes of coughing up blood, Tripp had finally regained his composure. Red had crossed his arms across his chest, but with his hand still on his father’s gun. Glaring at Tripp, he asked, “So, what’s your plan? Go on, don’t just sit there like a dumbass. Tell us now!”

    Still short of breath, he said to his partner, “Mercer, get on the phone with Tom McCollum.”
    If I were Tripp, I'd get a career change. But I guess he's only doing it for the money.

    And finally, Lisa gets to show off her driving skills! I don't know why, but I've always liked reading/watching car chases. (Though I don't think I'd ever want to be in one. :P And the way you put it makes it seem especially dangerous.)

    The blonde-haired special agent quickly opened the compartment and pulled out a big, long assault rifle. Lisa sped up to put some distance between her and her pursuer. Now with some breathing room, Alexis waited for an opening. When she saw the passenger stop shooting to reload, she opened fire on the front grille of the SUV. Multiple bullets ripped through the radiator, causing the engine compartment to explode in a fiery burst of flames and smoke. Still with plenty of momentum, the flaming Lexus sailed toward the right side of the road, hit the embankment, and flipped over several times in a spectacular crash. Glass, metal, plastic, and even a tire flew from the fiery wreckage across the width of the roadway.
    Spectacular crash :P I like it.

    And those must be some pretty high-tech cars to have built-in shields and spike strips. The League must take crime-fighting seriously. (As they should, if they've got people like Red and Tobias running around. I would expect that an organization as large as the League would spawn some criminal desire to profiteer from it.)

    Ack, for the life of me I can't remember who Tom McCollum is. xP I don't think he was in 'A Coordinated Investigation'. Was he in your first fic, then? Lisa said he was an 'old friend', so she must have met him somewhere before. And you'd think that after suffering a defeat, he wouldn't try to push his luck with the same people/person who beat him earlier. :/

    I do like Lisa's 'try getting something legal' quote. Haha.

    So Lisa and company have taken down the henchmen, but there still remains the job of finding the ringleader... and something tells me Tobias won't be going down that easy.

    “Right, sir!” Tripp whipped out his cell phone and dialed frantically as he opened the driver’s door of a black car with his free hand and Mercer got into the passenger seat . Meanwhile, Tobias and Red jumped into a red sports car.

    The huge garage had multiple doors; one set of them opened. Two vehicles drove out, a black Mercedes sedan followed by a red Lamborghini roadster. Inside the sports car, Tobias turned toward Red.

    “Don’t worry, son, it looks like we’re home free. We’ll set up base in another region, and before you know it, you’ll be champion once again.”

    “And if anyone tries to interfere this time, I will murder them,” came the mechanical droning of Red’s electronic voice box.

    “As soon as we get into the air, I’ll put out calls to every mercenary, terrorist cell, drug gang, and mob organization in the region. This time, the bounty on the heads of those agents is going to be fifteen million dollars! We might not be around here anymore, but rest assured someone will murder them for us!”

    “Excellent!” Red replied. “We will have our revenge, one way or another! Make sure they kill them in the ugliest and most painful way imaginable!”
    Hmm... where are they planning to go, I wonder? I hope this won't launch an endless seuquence of Tobias taking over a region, making Red champion, then being chased out and moving to another one. Hehe.

    I can't believe this fic is almost over. o.o How do you make yours so short.

    Well, I'm looking forward to seeing how everything plays out! Specifically, I'm waiting for the part where a bunch of armed League agent bust in and take Red and Tobias into custody. But I don't think it'll be that simple... (more car chases perhaps? xP)

    Great chapter!