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    Happy birthday! I present to you my gift in the form of this review...

    I enjoyed this epilogue. It was a nice chance for Leaf and Lisa to relax after all they've been through. I love moments like these.

    “You always did like to be in the heart of the action. As for me, anything’s better than the boredom that is Pallet Town. I’m definitely enjoying meeting people and going places around here. But you know, there’s one thing that confuses me.”
    Ah, yes, Pallet Town... Two houses and a pokemon lab don't amount for much excitement I know. xP Funny how all the main characters from the games come from tiny villages and suddenly rise to become the most powerful trainers in the world. Maybe they all just got bored with the village life and decided to roam the wider world.

    And speaking of roaming, it looks like Red's tried to escape from prison. But I'm not surprised.. leave it to him to pull a stunt like entering a tournament in Unova. I'm sure his Pikachu helped give him away, because something tells me you wouldn't normally see too many of those in a tournament like that. And it's actually quite funny when I picture the police dragging him back by the arms while he's kicking and screaming with his mechanical voice: "LET ME GO YOU FOOLS. LET ME GO."

    It's good to see Leaf and Lisa make plans for the future. It only makes sense that in the Pokemon world, there's more to do than be busy with pokemon... like go to school and get jobs and whatnot.

    Leaf laughed. “I should’ve figured you’d know, since you’re from South Carolina and you’re into law enforcement! But yeah, I think that mission we were on in Kanto really ignited some sort of passion for law enforcement within me. I mean, when I battled Team Rocket, I just felt like I was going through the motions… but the whole deal with Red gave me a real appreciation for what you do… and it’s certainly not boring! But I really don’t want to work with the Pokémon League… I’m trying to separate myself from Kanto after they screwed me over. So I figured, I’m going to be in South Carolina, I have this burning desire to get into law enforcement, so why not work for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.”
    So Leaf wants to be a crime-fighter too? I guess that would be a good thing, since she appears to have found her second calling during this whole investigation. And I can understand her not wanting to work with the League anymore, after all that it put her through. I'd want to distance myself from that sort of business too, even if the bad guys have already been "taken care of". Who knows, in a few years, another Tobias might pop up... and considering that there are many more silent protagonist-Champions in the Pokemon canon, I'm beginning to suspect whether or not they all might have Tobias-like fathers too. xP

    They looked down at their Persians, now snoozing contently. Leaf said, “You know, maybe it’s my imagination but I actually think Persian has a distinct taste for luxury and the finer things in life.”

    “I’ve been thinking the same thing. During my journey, mine was perfectly content with eating canned Pokémon food you get at the Pokémon Marts. But now… I think her favorite dish is filet mignon. With a side of fresh Maine lobster. Honestly, she eats better than I do much of the time!”
    That must be another factor that eventually drew Lisa away from pokemon training... her pokemon themselves seem to have a better taste for the luxury lifestyle. Hehe.

    “Hey, I try my best, what can I say?” Lisa’s cell phone started ringing. “Hey, let me check this, okay?” Lisa opened her phone and read a text message. Lisa quickly typed up a message before closing the phone. “Sorry, that was my friend Sadie. She just sent me a quick update on what she’s been doing. ”

    I confess, I don't know what she's been doing myself. ^^; For now let's just assume she's wandering around somewhere...

    All in all, great epilogue! (Your fics always end so soon. xP) It certainly was a pleasure to read, and I enjoyed your interpretation of the Red/Leaf situation, as well as how you expanded from your original one-shot. And of course, with Lisa's return, naturally we were in for a lot of action and cars and math. It's nice to know Leaf's finally moving on, and hopefully her new plans for the future will lead her to a satisfying lifestyle. It was also great to see that the League was finally rid of the Tobias disease. Now maybe they'll focus on cleaning themselves up and giving themselves a more honest image. (Though my earlier comment about the 'other' silent protagonists still stands... hmm...)

    But I won't rant about my speculations here. :P All that's left to say is congratulations!