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Originally Posted by Heracles4 View Post
This is a brilliant piece of writing. It has a ton of very good literary elements, and just good stuffz ;_;

My only irk is that the 4 person team is a 4 person girl team. Not being sexist, but it just seems unrealistic. ;)
Thanks, glad you liked it! As for the all girls team, it's just how I do things, mostly based on the all girl teams in anime, like the Sailor Scouts and Pretty Cure.


Thanks for the birthday wishes! Any birthday where you wake up in a Quality Inn instead of home is a good one :)

I enjoyed this epilogue. It was a nice chance for Leaf and Lisa to relax after all they've been through. I love moments like these.
So do I... once all the action dies down I like to show the characters in a more relaxed, natural setting and environment, where their "non-mission mode" characteristics and personality get a chance to shine.

Ah, yes, Pallet Town... Two houses and a pokemon lab don't amount for much excitement I know. xP Funny how all the main characters from the games come from tiny villages and suddenly rise to become the most powerful trainers in the world.
Yeah, I never understood that either... and I never liked how my character in the games was supposedly from some backwoods hick town...

And speaking of roaming, it looks like Red's tried to escape from prison. But I'm not surprised.. leave it to him to pull a stunt like entering a tournament in Unova. I'm sure his Pikachu helped give him away, because something tells me you wouldn't normally see too many of those in a tournament like that.
Sad to say it actually happens in the newest games - the whole escape thing wasn't part of my original plan, but when I found out he reared his ugly head in the latest games, well, I had to add in something to explain why he showed up...

It's good to see Leaf and Lisa make plans for the future. It only makes sense that in the Pokemon world, there's more to do than be busy with pokemon... like go to school and get jobs and whatnot.
That's one thing that always seems forced in the games...Everyone wants to train Pokemon... every kid wants to take off on the badge collecting journey thing...and that just seems wrong. I made sure to address that in the very first chapter of my very first story - when Lisa's parents had to force her to begin training.

So Leaf wants to be a crime-fighter too? I guess that would be a good thing, since she appears to have found her second calling during this whole investigation. And I can understand her not wanting to work with the League anymore, after all that it put her through.
Leaf's predicament somewhat mirrors my own waning interest in Pokemon (minus the whole conspiracy and attempts to take her life, of course). Sometimes it's time to pack up and move on. But when you travel through the great state of South Carolina, mind your speed on the highways or there might be a familiar face pulling you over :P

and considering that there are many more silent protagonist-Champions in the Pokemon canon, I'm beginning to suspect whether or not they all might have Tobias-like fathers too. xP
I guess they don't the games rated "Mature" because it turns out your character's dad is a homicidal psychopath :P So they convinently sweep the crazy dad under the rug.

That must be another factor that eventually drew Lisa away from pokemon training... her pokemon themselves seem to have a better taste for the luxury lifestyle. Hehe.
Let's see... battling to the death, or enjoying gourmet food every day, sleeping on plush beds and being pampered. I know I'd go with the latter option. And Lisa's Pokemon agree :)


I confess, I don't know what she's been doing myself. ^^; For now let's just assume she's wandering around somewhere...
Hey, she's still around lololol. Of course, she got a taste of the awesome that is intense, high risk criminal investigations last time, so who knows...

All in all, great epilogue! (Your fics always end so soon. xP) It certainly was a pleasure to read, and I enjoyed your interpretation of the Red/Leaf situation, as well as how you expanded from your original one-shot.
I've gotten to like writing short story format better than the longer journey type stories - especially with less time on my hands. And I've seen too many times on here and elsewhere where the whole situation was solved by sweeping Leaf under the rug, and I wanted to come up with an explanation that requires a little more thought than just selective amnesia (i.e., let's just forget she even existed lolololol).

Leaf's finally moving on, and hopefully her new plans for the future will lead her to a satisfying lifestyle.
That's another thing I like about my interpretation - she gets a happy ending, even if it doesn't involve Pokemon anymore. And, she's already got a lot of money and some impressive martial arts skills xD

And of course, with Lisa's return, naturally we were in for a lot of action and cars and math.
I always like to say that Lisa adds some interesting elements into the existing Pokemon fandom. The whole "Pokemon are used for everything" goes out the window when Lisa makes her grand entrance :P

But I won't rant about my speculations here. :P All that's left to say is congratulations!
Thanks for reading through to the end, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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