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    First update!

    Currently, I am 2-0 after defeating Misty. Witten the Nidoking got a lucky Thrash-crit on Starmie or it would have been close. What a good sponsor.

    Time to train up Zubat (Riposte) the Band. It just learned its first cheer (Supersonic, lol), but its quite a bit behind Witten and PrisDeFer (Pidgeotto) the Cheerleader.

    Also my name is Manning, and my rival is Tebow.

    I guess I'm done with this challenge. I'm 7-0 right now, but my pokemon are really underleveled and I don't wanna try and beat the Elite Four.

    Scyther: Quick Attack, Double Team, Slash, Cut
    Pidgeot: Mirror Move, Fly, Sand Attack, Whirlwind
    Arcanine: Bite, Roar, Ember, Take Down
    Golbat: Screech, Supersonic, Mega Drain, Wing Attack
    Electabuzz: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Screech, Quick Attack
    Nidoking: Pay Day, Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam