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    Originally Posted by {Swan} View Post
    "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
    "Now I know what you're thinking, did he use five Fury Cutters or six? Well to be perfectly honest in all this excitement I forgot myself. And since this is the end of a Baton Pass Chain, the most powerful Pokemon strategy in the world... you have to ask yourself. Do you feel lucky, punk? Do you?"

    Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
    @Puppeteer: You're currently PENDING. And by pending I mean get the history up and you're good =P
    I do so love being in the "accepted until proven declined" situation... : 3 I'm working on the backstory now, there were a few things going on tonight that I didn't know about. I'm hoping to have it up before I have to get off for the night. Worst case scenario I get it up tomorrow morning... WORSE than worst case scenario tomorrow night.
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