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    Mike Forde

    As Mike roamed the academy, coming around the dorms and stopping at his own for a while, he heard someone else walking by. Eager to just battle as obviously classes are not in session, he rushes to where the guy is. As soon as he sees him, roaming around the Suicune Dorm, he screams "You!!! You look tough, and I'm itchin to battle, so let's just do this!" Mike regains his composure just as the Adrian Steele turns toward him.
    Pokemon Trainer Academy Character: Mike "Miketastic" Forde V

    Pokemon: Squirts the Wartortle: level 35
    Fang the Golbat: level 36
    Porkchop the Primeape: level 32
    Powder the Swinub: Level 16
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