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    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl

    As Mana screamed, she felt another lick but this time on her arm. Mana was about to cry when she suddenly heard "Deal them some Night Slash, if you will Mistress." being said by a very familair voice. She turned to her left to see Kilik and a Zoroark. Mana calmed down but still had tears in her eyes. "K-Kilik...?" Mana said quietly. Had he followed her or had he heard her by coincidence?

    Mana was calm until she got attacked. "Hey! This is not what I agreed to!" the little Zorua came back downstairs. "You told me to bring her here so you could have some fun! You never told me you would actually hurt her!" the little Zorua shouted fiercely. "We are not hurting her! We are just messing a little~" A Haunter showed up in front of her. "But she is scared!" The small fox Pokémon ran towards Mana. "Kyaaaaahhhh!!!" Mana screamed again when she felt something pushing her around. "Leave her alone!" the little Zorua jumped in front of Mana but easely got tackled away. Mana watched as the little Zorua was trown away.

    Mana was as pale as a sheet and it was probably obvious by now that she feared ghost Pokémon. She always had feared them ever since she got attacked by a Gastly when she was younger. "Go awayyyy!!" Mana tried to protect herself with her arms. The pushing got less once some Pokémon were taken out by Kilik's Mistress.

    Roxas Jaden Asakura
    Team Rocket member
    Dorm Room - Room 5

    Jello was behaving weirdly for some reason. It made Roxas wonder if Jello hated him. He wasn't going to bother with it too much though because Alice was the only person that mattered to him at the moment. She forgave him for his stupidness the other day but Roxas started blushing once again. He actually wanted to go on a date with her but was too embarrassed to even ask. He also knew that Alice was sick but still hoped she would say yes. She should get some fresh air to recover anyway. "You should take better care of yourself..." Roxas said with a concerned and worried tone.

    "A-Alice..." Roxas forced the red-haired girl to look in his face as it was reddening. "W-Would... you... uhmm..." Roxas looked away as his face couldn't get more red and his heart was pounding like a raging bull. He even started to shake, that's just how nervous he was at this very moment. "W-Would you like... to go on a date with me...?" He said rather quietly. "I-I mean... I know that you're sick... but you need fresh air too... it will help you recover..." Roxas glanced at her from his eye corners.




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