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    Update time once again, only this one is going to be small; while I have brand new Lv. 100s and Shinies to report, this update is only about my first victory in the World Leaders Tournament! (Bare with me, though, as these battles got so intense that I can't remember everything from the previous ones.)

    -Tournament Team:

    • Nature: Modest
    • Ability: Natural Cure
    • Item: Focus Sash
    • Venoshock / Toxic Spikes / Giga Drain / Extrasensory

    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Flame Body
    • Item: Lum Berry
    • Morning Sun / Drill Run / Flare Blitz / Wild Charge

    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Sheer Force
    • Item: Life Orb
    • Crunch / Iron Defense / Stone Edge / Iron Head

    -Round One-

    The first battle was against Marlon. I figured, "Asuna is my lead, so this should be a piece of cake~" I was right. ...Kinda. Marlon started off with Jellicent. I figured a Giga Drain would be enough to down it, but.. of course not. Not with my luck. Jellicent survived just outside of red HP and hit me with a Psychic. At this point my first thought was, "...Should've gone for the Toxic Spikes, taken that Psychic, then regain HP with Giga Drain next turn.. *sigh*" No matter, a second Giga Drain took it down, but Cursed Body chose to activate right at the end and disable Giga Drain.

    At this point, Marlon brings out Wailord. Seeing as I can't use Giga Drain for a while, I switch into Ami thinking a Sheer Force'd Life Orb'd Iron Head would do at least half damage. ....I forgot Steel isn't effective on Water. /palmface Yeah. My fail right there deserved a /palmface and not a /facepalm. ANYWAY! On the switch, Wailord starts spamming Bounce. I get a Iron Defense up ASAP, then try to Iron Head in between Bounces, only to see it cut just less than half Wailord's HP. On Wailord's third Bounce, Ami got paralyzed. Expected it sooner, but whatevs.. I have Ami Crunch on Wailord's massive body and bam. He's down. Marlon's final Pokemon was Carracosta, which took two Iron Heads to the face before going down.

    "...Thank Arceus."

    -Round Two-

    My second opponent was decided.. and as I looked upon her name on the board.. I silently shed a tear. Throughout the ages, Trainer after Trainer have challenged this woman and, as one may expect, Trainer after Trainer have been defeated, crushed, and tossed aside. My fellow Trainers from Johto, especially, may sympathize with my fears here. Yes, folks.. Sabrina was my next opponent in the World Leaders Tournament.

    As expected, Sabrina lead off with Alakazam. There's was no way in a Holy Hell Asuna could do anything to it, so the only logical choice was to setup Toxic Spikes after surviving a Psychic thanks to Asuna's Focus Sash. Then came a Shadow Ball and down Asuna went. HOWEVUH! Faith took the stage to avenge her fallen comrade! After surviving a Psychic like an absolute BOSS, Faith delivered searing justice with Flare Blitz and fell Alakazam. Out came Slowking, and with Faith already in the red, my options were limited. "A switch could screw things up here since she still has a third Pokemon. Faith can't take another hit.. might as well go out in style!" Hoping for the best, Faith charged in with Wild Charge and dealt a very nice blow to Slowking. Faith did, however, faint from the recoil, leaving Slowking's Shadow Ball with not a target.

    It was, once again, Ami's time to take the stage. She had help, however, as Asuna's Toxic Spikes had already poisoned, and damaged, Slowking after Faith's flashy exit. Slowking didn't get a chance to attack; a single Crunch ended it. Finally, Sabrina's last Pokemon, Espeon, took the stage. Automatic response; Crunch. Espeon moved first, but with a mere Calm Mind. The fight was over. Ami took down Espeon in a single attack.

    "Hands.. you can stop shaking now.. Alakazam has been gone for a few turns now.."

    -Final Round-

    The final round. After several failures prior to the current tournament, I found it all but possible to believe I made it here. My final challenge was Roark. I knew what his lead would be, but that's what worried me. The battle began and, as I figured, Rampardos was staring us down. I prayed hard, and ordered Asuna to use Giga Drain. I was SO happy to see we went first, only to have my jaw drop as Rampardos survived using a Focus Sash and responded with a Earthquake to force us into using Asuna's own Focus Sash.. Knowing we could move faster, Asuna and I laughed as she Venoshocked Rampardos and took it down.

    Asuna was already injured beyond belief, but Lady Luck was with us. Relicanth made it's appearance, as if to aid us during our time of need. An instant Giga Drain brought back more than half Asuna's HP, putting us in a good position. With the battle now 3 v 1, I felt Lady Luck watching over me. Yes.. she was watching over me.. but.. whether she was helping me or not..

    Archeops took to the stage. Knowing I could do nothing, Asuna was taken down by an Earthquake. Fair enough; Asuna did an excellent job, she deserved some rest. Faith was up next. However.. Sadly, Archeops was faster. A critical Stone Edge took Faith down in one shot. We were in trouble, and I could see now that Lady Luck wasn't smiling.. but instead wore a sinister smirk. Ami was up to the challenge though. That's how she is.. Adamant even in the face of danger. Archeops attempted a Focus Blast, and missed. We had only one shot. We took it.

    Sheer Force'd Life Orb'd Super effective Iron Head. One-Hit-Knock-Out. The tournament was over. The four of us came out on top.

    "But it's not over yet.. We must still challenge the World Leaders nine more times. ..And then..."

    Until next time~

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