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    I've been slacking a bit lately, I have to admit I didn't play White 2 at all this weekend. My XBox got all the love.

    At the moment I'm searching for a female Eevee. I did catch 3 male ones, sent one to Black for breeding but I forgot to send over the 3 eggs to White 2....d'oh. Reason for wanting a female Eevee, I plan to evolve it into Espeon and a male Espeon? No....just no.

    Badges: Basic, Toxic
    Play time: 4:45 Pokédex: 33
    Team: Kotoha (22, F, Servine), Zack (22, M, Lucario), Laxus (23, M, Elekid), Yusuke (19, M, Eevee).

    EDIT: I found a female Eevee! Only took 45 minutes XD Maxxed out Happiness very easily with a massage and the Soothe Bell (traded from Black). Presenting the newest member of my team <3

    Remilia - Espeon - F - 21
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