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    Been a good minute since my last update, eh? Finally decided to bust out Black 2. Decided to make it a little interesting too; I've made this run-through a Single Monotype run using only Bug-types~ And, I have to say, I'm loving it~

    Named myself Elena, named my rival Ryudo. I started off with Oshawott (I totally didn't do this planning to wreck my rival's Snivy/Servine/Serperior, that realization came after catching Sewaddle) Now that that's out of the way, I'm going to cut the story down to pieces since a lot took place and I don't feel like telling it all~

    Route 20 - Took care of the first two Trainers using Oshawott's Water Gun, taking no time whatsoever. I immediately ran through the grass looking for a Sewaddle, only to find 5 males in a row.. Well, I kept looking, and eventually found a Lv. 2 female Sewaddle. Took no effort to catch and, upon checking her stats, she was Adamant~! Still remembering my partners from White 2, I decided to grant Sewaddle the name of a Champion; Fiona. Since he was not a Bug-type, and was also male, Oshawott got tossed into storage to be forever alone in Box 6.

    Flocessy Ranch - Wrecked Ryu's Snivy with a single Bug Bite~

    Aspertia City Gym - Ripped the entire Gym apart with Fiona's Bug Bite. She was Lvs. 12 ~ 14 during this time.

    Route 20 - Started searching in the dark grass for a Venipede. Once again, my troubles finding a female stalk/troll me. Upon finding a Lv. 10 female Venipede, I capture it and name it Nanako, after my epic Scolipede from White 2. Upon checking her stats, I find myself amazed that, she too, was Adamant. AND had Poison Point~

    Virbank Complex - Did the usual training. Fiona and Nanako reached around Lv. 25~26 before Roxie was challenged.

    Virbank City Gym - Roxie was slightly difficult, but nothing Nanako's Screech couldn't handle.

    Castelia City Gym - ...So much lawls. They didn't stand a chance.

    Lostlorn Forest - Stalked the Hidden Grotto waiting for a Combee like a reject instead of searching the grass for one or a Vespiquen, but, after going through 2 or 3 Pokemon, I finally found a female Combee at Lv. 20. I thought I had lucked out, thinking she'd learn Power Gem after evolving... Completely forgot Black 2 had Vespiquen learn Slash at Lv. 21.. Anyway, I caught her and named her Empress, after... well, you get it by now. Now.. I decided to check her nature, expecting something like Impish or Timid... Adamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant~ That makes 3 Adamant insects in a row~ Willing to bet this won't hold up...

    Lostlorn Forest - So, as everyone knows.. there's a Breeder in Lostlorn Forest. And, as everyone knows, they re-battle you in Black/White 2. Everyone also knows that you always abuse the kindness of Breeders~ /trollface

    Nimbasa City Gym - The first three battles were cake. Over-leveled Leavanny using Razor Leaf to avoid Static = easy wins. Elesa.. well.. wasn't actually difficult for a Lv. 35 Vespiquen. Just, being slower than Emolga meant Volt Switch abuse. Elesa's Flaaffy paralyzed Empress, but she was like, "Whatevs." We kept shooting for a Power Gem as Emolga switched in from the constant Volt Switch'ing, but no dice. Empress did, however, take down Flaaffy and Zebstrika with predicted Bug Bites. She got cocky, though. Thinking she could get a Heal Order off to heal before Emolga's Volt Switch took her down, she got knocked out by a long-overdue crit. Nanako stepped in for a revenge-kill Poison Tail that took Emolga down in one shot.

    -Monotype Adventure Info
    • Trainer Name - Elena
    • Adventure Started - 11/22/2012
    • Pokemon Type Chosen - Bug
    • Hall of Fame Debut - N/A
    • Total Playtime - 5:42
    • Number of Badges - 4

    -Fiona (Grass/Bug)
    • Lv. 36
    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Chlorophyll
    • Leaf Blade / Slash / Bug Bite / Razor Leaf

    -Nanako (Bug/Poison)
    • Lv. 34
    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Poison Point
    • Bug Bite / Iron Defense / Poison Tail / Screech

    -Empress (Bug / Flying)
    • Lv. 37
    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Unnerve
    • Bug Bite / Heal Order / Power Gem / Air Slash

    Until next time~

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