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Okay, I've been playing all day since it was my day off and I was able to do quite a bit. Just a heads up, I'm only going over gym fights as I don't really remember what all I did, so sorry about that.

Pokemon Crystal
Number of Badges: 16 and Elite Four defeated

Note: This was the way I actually got the gym badges


Johto Side:
*I was able to defeat Team Rocket pretty easily as well as my rival
*Finally got back to Blackthorn and had quite the hard time against the gym (stupid electric attacks :\) but was able to defeat Clair with only Clyde, Faz, Ursula and Maria (Poor Marcus didn't get any action :P)
*Was able to get the Exp. Share and Master ball and then went to Kanto side to grab a Ponyta (took a while). When I got one I named it Kayle (K-Lee, just to point out that it is a female)
*After getting it up to high 40s, I went into Elite Four, where I was defeated by Will almost instantly. After stocking up on items and healing (I seriously forgot to do both :disappoin ) I defeated him with a mixture of all my pokemon.
*On to Koga, I was able to defeat him with only Clyde mostly using Flame wheel
*With Bruno, I had trouble thanks to him being able to pretty much kill most of my pokemon with just 3 pokemon but I was able to win with an almost never-hit Fly from Faz (seriously, that move seems to have horrible accuracy)
*Marcus pretty much won the whole fight with Karen so not much to say about it (except that Rock Slide is AWESOME!)
*Lance... oh lance. He had a back and forth pokemon faint-fest and ended up with a standoff between his Dragonite and Marcus. His Hyper Beam (luckily) didn't hit Marcus and I was able to do two Rock Slides to become the champion :rambo:
*After reappearing in the hometown, I grabbed the tickets from the prof. and then went to Olivine to get on the ship
Kanto side:
*Right after getting out of the ship, I went directly to the gym and defeated Lt. Surge with Ursula and Marcus.
*Going up to Saffron, I defeated Sabrina with Clyde and Marcia
*From there, I went to the power plant then back to Cerulean to get the part, defeat the rocket and then Misty (thanks to Ursula, Faz and, surprisingly, Marcus)
*Afterwards, I went to Celadon to fight Erika with Kayle and then around to Lavender town for the radio card.
*Defeating the Snorlax, I went to Pewter City and defeated Brock with Ursula.
*I then went all the way down to Cinnabar to get Blue to go back to his gym and fought Blaine at Seafoam Island (which I won)
*Flying back to Celadon, I used the bike path to get to Fuchsia and defeated Janine
*Back to Viridian, I actually had a hard fight thanks to his gym having no real exclusive type but was able to defeat him with only Clyde left.
*Went to Oak and grabbed the pass to get to Mt. Silver and grabbed the pass from the mimic girl (just in case I needed it) and am now at Mt. Silver, where I plan to try and train my pokemon up for the upcoming fight with Red.

Current Team:

Maria the Forretress- Level 51
Rapid Spin
Take Down

Marcus the Sudowoodo- Level 51
Rock Slide
Faint Attack

Clyde the Typhlosion- Level 60
Flame Wheel

Ursula the Corsola- Level 54
Spike Cannon
Ancient Power

Faz the Skarmory- Level 50
Steel Wing

Kayle the Rapidash- Level 50
Fury Attack
Take Down


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