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    FiRFl Cycle Challenge: Pokemon Red Update Final

    The following is Elite Four Play by Play so it's in a spoiler since... It's long haha :D

    - Elite Four TIME!!!

    Dewgong vs Ki
    - Ki OHKO with Submission.
    Cloyster vs Ki
    - Ki kills it with Thunderbolts.
    Slowbro vs Ki
    - More Thunderbolts.
    Jynx vs Ki
    - Submission OHKO.
    Lapras vs Ki
    - Ki sweeps team by Thunderbolting Lapras.

    Onyx vs Rylli
    - Rylli OHKO with Earthquake.
    Hitmonchan vs Torin
    - Drill Peck OHKO.
    Hitmonlee vs Torin
    - Drill Peck OHKO.
    Onyx vs Rylli
    - Surf OHKO.
    Machamp vs Torin
    - Drill Peck completes the OHKO of Bruno.

    Gengar vs Torin
    - Got stuck in a Hypnosis/Full Heal loop but eventually took him down with Drill Peck
    Golbat vs Torin
    - Torin 2 shots it with Drill Peck.
    Haunter vs Torin
    - Agatha switches in Arbox.
    Arbox vs Torin
    - Sky Attack for lulz
    Haunter vs Torin
    - Drill Peck clean up.
    Gengar vs Torin
    - Confusion almost makes Torin kill himself twice but pull through and sweep Agatha.

    Gyarados vs Ki
    - Thunderbolt doesn't OHKO but, Ki cleans up with Body Slam.
    Dragonair vs Rylli
    - Blizzard + Strength for the KO.
    Dragonair vs Rylli
    - Another Dragonair and the same combo kills it.
    Aerodactyl vs Rylli
    - Surfs and Blizzard.
    Dragonite vs Rylli
    - Needed to use a Max Either to get Blizzard back but, took it down.

    Pidgeot vs Ki
    - It went for the Sky Attack with allowed Ki to safely two hit it with Thunderbolt.
    Alakazam vs Torin
    - Torin outspeeds him and takes him down with two Takedowns.
    Rhydon vs Ki
    - Ki makes Rhydon tap out with Submission.
    Arcanine vs Rylli
    - Earthquake OHKO.
    Exeggutor vs Torin
    - Drill Pecks for great justice.
    Blastoise vs Ki
    - It took two Thunderbolts + Paralyze + a Submission but down goes his starter.



    Torin the Fearow (55)
    Atk: 131/Def: 106/Spe: 152/SP: 98
    Drill Peck
    Sky Attack
    Double Team
    Take Down

    Ki the Primeape (59)
    Atk: 156/Def: 108/Spe: 153/SP: 114
    Body slam

    Rylli the Rhyhorn (55)
    Atk: 177/Def: 157/Spe: 66/SP: 74

    Onwards to Pokemon Gold :3
    Lt. Surge
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