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Okay, this is going to be a mini-update because of a certain event that happened

Pokemon Emerald
Number of Badges: 4


*Started a game and named myself Bertha (for the laughs)
*Did all the beginning game stuff and then got a torchic (Numan)
*Trained it up to level 8 and then went to fight Brandon, obviously winning
*Back down in Littlroot, I got the pokeballs and then went to train
*During my time training, I ran into a shiny Wurmple:shocked:. I couldn't kill it so I captured it (it was a rare shiny!) instead.
*Back to training, I got to level 12 before going to Petalburg and helping Wally catch his first pokemon
*After that, I went into Petalburg Woods and finally got Numan to evolve into a Combusken
*Helped out the dev. corp guy and then off to Rustboro, where I went directly to the gym
*I pretty much destroyed the gym with Numan's Double Kick
*Afterwards, I helped out the Devon Corp guy and the sailor (forgot his name) by saving Peecko
*Promised to give letter to Steven
*Asked the sailor guy to take me to Dewford
*I instantly went up to the cave and grabbed a Makuhita (Jessie) and then grinded like crazy to get Numan to late 20s and Jessie to evolve
*Went through the gym and defeated everyone with only Numan
*Afterwards, I went to slateport, skipping the trainers there, grabbed a harbor mail and stopped Aqua at the museum
*Up the route, I skipped more trainers (except the ones there were in my direct path) and then beat my rival
*Up in Mauville, I defeated Wally and then destroyed the gym
*Grabbed the Coin case and the HM for Rock Smash and then went directly up to to Fallabor to help the prof.
*Going all the way back around, Numan finally evolved into a Blaziken
*Took the Cable Car up to the summit of Mt. Chimney and defeated Team Magma
*Down the path, I grabbed a Spoink (Cathy) and then beat all the trainers there,
above and below slateport and grinded a bit to get it to evolve
*Back down the path and into Lavaridge, where I put the egg the hotspring lady gives into storage
*Over to the gym, I used Cathy's Psybeam to defeat everyone and then Numan to beat Flannary
*Got the Go-Goggles from my rival and then went into the desert to catch a Baltoy (Jeb) and Cacnea (Evan)
*Going down the paths left and right of Mauville (and extra grinding) I was able to evolve
Evan into a Cacturne and get Jeb to a high level

Current Team:

Numan the Blaziken- Level 39
Moves: Bulk Up, Peck, Double Kick, Blaze Kick

Jessie the Hariyama- Level 36
Moves: Rock Tomb, Vital Throw, Fake Out, Rock Smash

Cathy the Grumpig- Level 34
Moves: Psywave, Psybeam, Confuse Ray, Magic Coat

Jeb the Baltoy- Level 31
Moves: Sandstorm, Psybeam, Ancient Power, Selfdestruct

Evan the Cacturne- Level 32
Moves: Absorb, Pin Missile, Ingrain, Faint Attack

Here is a picture of me about to name the Wurmple:

Too bad I can't use the little sucker in my challenge :(

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